Ascend Elements and Koura Unveil Innovative Technology Yielding 99.9% Pure Graphite From Used Lithium-ion Batteries

Westbar, Massachusetts, February 15, 2022— (BUSINESS WIRE) – Ascend Elements, a vertically integrated lithium-ion battery and engineering materials company, and Koura, Orbia and one of the world’s largest producers of fluoride products and technologies, today announced the launch of a patented technology. spent graphite material is obtained from spent lithium-ion batteries. Orbia acts as a partner to develop Ascend Elements to scale the company’s technology for commercial production. Orbia also supported the company through several investment rounds.

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99.9% of pure graphite is derived from spent lithium-ion batteries. (Photo: Business Wire)

With sales of plug-in electric vehicles expected to grow by 30% year-on-year by 2030, Ascend Elements technology will change the game in the recycling of batteries and sustainable materials. With a stable yield of over 99.9% pure graphite and energy capacity and service life on par with the primary graphite anode material for batteries, Ascend Elements’ Hydro-to-Anode ™ The process technology has the added benefit of extending the processing and production capacity beyond cathode active materials to anode materials. This innovation greatly increases the value of each lithium-ion battery recycled using the Ascend Elements process.

“With this advancement, we have only made recycling batteries much more convincing. Increasing the cost of recovered materials improves the recycling economy, creating an incentive for even more recycling, ”said Michael O’Cronley, CEO of Ascend. “The ability to recover graphite for use in batteries helps solve another critical problem with materials in the battery supply chain and minimizes the need to mine new materials.”

“Orbia is committed to developing and deploying sustainable solutions throughout our business to achieve our goal of improving lives around the world,” says Samir Bharadwaj, CEO of Orbia. Bharadwaj continued: “Ascend Elements is the ideal development partner for our Koura business, given our focus on renewable technologies and incredible material capabilities in the lithium-ion battery space.”

High-purity graphite is a mineral included in the list of important minerals of the United States, according to US Decree 13953. To reduce dependence on foreign organizations, American companies for the production and processing of materials must make this mineral more available in the North American supply chain. . Other minerals on the list include lithium and cobalt; both of which are recycled during the processing and production of Ascend Elements. Ascend Elements currently manufactures battery graphite at its plant located in Westborough, Massachusetts.


Ascend Elements, based in Westbury, Massachusetts, is revolutionizing the production of materials for lithium-ion batteries by creating a clean and sustainable supply chain using recycled raw materials. Its patented Hydro-to-Cathode technology сі directly synthesizes new cathode materials from spent lithium-ion elements more efficiently than traditional methods, leading to lower costs, higher productivity and GHG emissions. The result is lower cost, higher performance batteries with fewer landfills, cleaner manufacturing process and truly sustainable closed-cycle battery savings. Ascend Elements takes the lithium-ion battery industry to the next level. To learn more, visit


Koura is a world leader in the development, production and supply of fluoride products that play a fundamental role in improving daily life. Koura is an Orbia company that is working to solve some of the most complex problems in the world. Koura products are used in a wide range of applications, including the construction of towns and cities, keeping cool in homes, fresh food and even in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Koura, headquartered in Boston, operates worldwide and operates in the United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States, India and Japan. To learn more, visit


Orbia is a community of businesses with a common goal: to develop life around the world. Orbia’s businesses focus on food and water security, transforming the future of cities and homes, connecting communities to data infrastructure, and expanding access to health and well-being through core and cutting-edge materials and solutions. Orbia operates in the sectors of precision agriculture, construction and infrastructure, data transmission, fluorinated solutions and polymer solutions. The company operates in more than 110 countries and operates in more than 50, with global headquarters in Mexico City, Boston, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv. To learn more, visit

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