Apple’s Major 5G Technology Supplier Murata has Acquired ‘Resonant’ to gain its Best-in-Class XBAR RF Filter Solutions

In early January, Patently Apple released a supply chain report called “Apple Murata is setting up production of key multi-layer ceramic capacitors to keep up with demand for 5G iPhones”. At the time, our report noted that “Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer that is the world’s largest manufacturer of ceramic capacitors for electronic components for Apple and other phone manufacturers. Demand for Apple’s iPhone 12 5G is so high that his pressure on Murata to cancel vacations for factory workers to keep up. ”Murata’s ability to supply Apple’s iPhones with the necessary ceramic capacitors probably caused Apple to explode in the quarter.

Yesterday late yesterday, Apple maker Murata announced it was going to acquire Resonant, the world’s leading provider of radio frequency system solutions and filter products. Resonant is a leader in transforming the way we design and supply radio frequency (RF) interfaces for mobile phones and wireless devices. The combination will allow both companies to expand their offerings and gain access to additional markets and customers. Resonant will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Murata and will continue its innovative development designed to address some of the world’s most complex Russian problems.

Naria Nakadima, President of Murat: “This acquisition will combine the world’s best-in-class Murata mobile radio capabilities with best-in-class XBAR filter solutions and a team of world-class talented engineers. Resonant has invented its own XBAR for 5G technology, which is expected to achieve higher frequencies and better performance. to other filter technologies.

We have worked closely with Resonant for many years to develop patented circuits using Resonant XBAR technology, and Resonant is licensed to Murata for products on various specific radio frequencies due to our commercial partnership. We believe Resonant innovation is a key strategic distinction for the mobile industry. This deal will deepen our existing partnership and allow us to better meet the needs of our customers and expand opportunities for Murata. ”

Let’s go concluded: “We believe that this acquisition will expand the advanced capabilities of the Murata radio frequency interface and the world’s best filtering technology in the 3 ~ 9 GHz frequency range, key areas for the growing integration of mobile technology.

Requirements for smartphone radios and other wireless devices continue to become more complex. XBAR filter technology provides an opportunity to address the complexities created by these next-generation network requirements. Murata and Resonant will provide a strong portfolio of intellectual property rights that covers all XBAR technology. ”

Below are videos on the basics of WaveX and XBar technology from Resonant

Since Apple is the leader in 5G with the iPhone 12 and 13, Murat’s partnership with Apple is crucial. Murat’s acquisition of advanced 5G filter technology and more from Resonant is likely to help prepare new 5G technology for production so that Apple remains at the forefront of the 5G era.


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