8 Reasons Why It’s Always Better to Buy Electronics In Person

Nowadays, everyone seems to buy electronics online. In just a few clicks, potential buyers can expect their orders to arrive in the mail without leaving the couch or even out of bed! However, there are some benefits to going to a real store to buy your electronics.

Despite the convenience of shopping online, there are many reasons why seeing a product in person before buying can often be the best choice. From special promotions to peace of mind, here are a few reasons why you should buy electronics in a store rather than online.

1. Guaranteed new

One of the key factors to check when buying electronics is new or refurbished. Unfortunately, even for the experienced eye, electronics photography online can be deceptive. Because counterfeit products quickly hit the market, it is difficult to tell the difference between counterfeit and counterfeit products.

iPhone and AirPods with box

For this reason, buying from a reputable seller can reduce the risk of accidentally purchasing counterfeit products. In addition, you can also be sure that your device comes with an unopened box that was not counterfeit before purchase.

2. Genuine used or refurbished products

For those with limited availability, buying used or refurbished electronics can help lower the overall cost. However, when buying second-hand goods online they may not always be genuine, which means you are spending money on counterfeits.


Also, some products may look real at first glance, but actually use spare parts. Although it doesn’t seem that great, it can affect the longevity of the product after purchase and its extended warranty.

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When buying an electronic device in person, you can first verify its authenticity. In addition, some authorized retailers only sell factory-repaired devices, ensuring that the device has been tested for authenticity and quality before sale.

3. Special discounts in stores

Like online stores, regular stores still have costs for warehousing, shipping and handling. But they also need to manage their retail space and inventory.

delivery box on the doorstep

For this reason it is in the interest of retailers to sell old models of electronics as soon as possible. In turn, they may offer a better deal in-store than online.

In the last few years, credit card companies have tried to reincarnate, offering many new incentives. With credit cards you can return cash for some purchases, access special installment options or exclusive discounts.

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In addition, many credit card companies also offer increased interest rates on your rewards for larger purchases or purchases of certain items from partners. You can even get points that you can use for things like travel, food vouchers and so on.

5. Return or exchange policy

If you, like most people, have probably at some point in your life had to return or exchange an electronic item. Unlike some electronics sold online, most electronics sold in person are covered by the warranty, so if your product has any damage or malfunction, you can easily return it and get a replacement.

In general, brick-and-mortar stores offer softer electronics return policies. For example, some stores often offer extended electronics return times or even allow you to return products without checks.

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Compared to online shopping, there is also less chance that shoppers will mistakenly purchase the wrong product, so retailers in stores typically process smaller quantities for returns or exchanges. In fact, retailers also save money on the cost of delivering the device to their service centers if you bring it directly to their service center or store.

Aside from being able to quickly confirm your purchase, you can also attend when they inspect the product for damage. Because it is difficult for retailers to determine whether an electronic item was damaged before, during, or after delivery, returning for items purchased online may be more difficult.

6. Evaluate the product personally

Many people prefer personal experiences because they enjoy seeing and touching their products before buying them. This is especially true when buying tickets at a high level.

If you spend a significant amount of money on a product, the tangible aspect of personal viewing of the product is a pleasure to buy. For example, reading about a 32-inch curved monitor or a new fancy camera doesn’t cause the same excitement as a personal test.

The man is holding a camera in his hands

In fact, part of the fun of buying electronics is holding it in your hand for the first time, measuring its size and imagining how it fits into your home or office.

Not to mention that a personal purchase also allows you to test the unpacking process in the presence of an employee. With this you can easily check if the device has not worked properly or has already been damaged out of the box with little competition.

7. Support local workers

When buying goods in the store, it is often best to contact the seller or saleswoman who can help you with the purchase. While they usually try to get you to spend more money, they can also help you find what best suits your needs.

At first you may focus on a specific model, but your local electronics employee may have a better idea of ​​the alternatives.

8. Instant fun

While many people advertise online shopping as the peak of instant gratification, many personal shopping enthusiasts are asking for a difference. When buying electronics at the store, there is no need to wait for next day delivery because you will take it home as soon as you pay.

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In addition, you also protect yourself from disappointment if you wait until the product arrives in the mail, and find out that someone stole it on the way to you.

Try buying electronics offline

While online shopping has become the norm, there is something special about purchasing brilliant new technology in person. So if you’re dying to get your hands on a dream device, you can have a better overall experience by adding to the cart in person rather than online.

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