WireBarley partners with Tencent Financial Technology for global remittance

– Korea’s first remittance service that connects to Weixin

– The partnership allows Weixin users to transfer money quickly and easily to China from 11 WireBarley sending countries, including Korea, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom

– Now customers can enjoy improved remittances by receiving funds through Weixin, a version of WeChat in mainland China.

– By the end of February WireBarley will be offering a $ 20 a coupon (or its equivalent in local currency) for each new customer who completes a Weixin user remittance in China.

SEOUL, South Korea, February 14, 2022 / PRNewswire / – WireBarley today announced its partnership with Tencent Financial technologies for remittance services abroad, in particular for international remittances China via Weixin, a version of WeChat in mainland China.

WireBarley is the first Korean technology company to work with Tencent Financial technology for inbound money transfer services China through Weisin. The partnership between the two technology companies is expected to further enhance overall user convenience. When a WireBarley user sends money on Chinanow the recipient can easily earn money through Weixin, which has gradually evolved from a social networking app to a lifestyle in China.

Weixin will be added as an option and available between corridors from 11 WireBarley shipping countries, including Korea, the US and Canadato China.

“We are excited to announce this partnership with WireBarley for further expansion Tencent Global coverage of financial technology. The collaboration marks another important step towards making it more convenient for Chinese people living around the world to send money to Weixin users China“- said – Wenhui YangCEO Tencent Financial Technologies of the Asia-Pacific Region.

“Our partnership with Tencent Financial technology allows us to offer more convenient money transfer services and delivery methods for customers to whom funds are sent China. Together with our 50 partner companies, we plan to build a fintech ecosystem without borders. We are committed to providing a convenient and secure cross-border money transfer experience to our customers around the world, ”said Junwon John Yu, CEO of WireBarley.

All new customers who transfer funds to Weixin users China will receive a $ 20 WireBarley coupon (or its equivalent in local currency) if the transaction is successfully completed by the end of February. The promotion applies to all remittances made on China from 11 countries sending WireBarley – Korea, AustraliaUSA, New Zealand, CanadaGreat Britain, France, Germany, Italy, The NetherlandsIreland and more.

Wire barley

Founded in 2016, WireBarley has grown exponentially, gaining a strong foothold in Asia-Pacific regionincluding Australia, South Korea, New Zealandand Singapore. Recently, fintech has further strengthened its presence as a global brand with expansion in the US and Canada markets, for the first time as a Korean company for remittances abroad. Headquarters in the village South Koreait has several subsidiaries around the world Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kongas well as WireBarley’s U.S. Monetary and Corporate Treasury Center Hong Kongwhich is one of the largest centers of foreign exchange trading in the world, plays a key role in ensuring effective currency management and strict practicality of compliance, as well as in forming strategic partnerships with key banks and players in the field of payments in the world. Asia-Pacific region. Currently, WireBarley offers more than 520 corridors for personal money transfers with 12 countries of departure and 44 countries of entry. The company has recently expanded to provide B2B money transfer services and e-wallets, as it seeks to be more than just Asia a leading remittance campaign, but take a step forward to become a global full payment platform.




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