The LYCRA Company Launches LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT Technology for Ready-to-Wear & Wovens

WILMINGTON, DELHI – (BUSINESS WIRE) – LYCRA, a world leader in the development of innovative fibers and technological solutions for the textile and garment industry, announced today the launch of LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT technology for ready-made garments (RTW) and fabrics. The company’s latest innovation will help transform these garment categories by providing functional performance benefits with sustainable features desired by today’s consumers.

LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT technology is unique in that it combines comfortable stretching and cooling comfort with long-term shape retention. The key to LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT technology is the new LYCRA® T400® EcoMade fiber. The new fiber, created according to a patented process, provides the texture and appearance of the yarn spun, providing comfortable and versatile clothing with low impact and thermal comfort.

Consumers will appreciate the key benefits of LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT technology can bring in their clothes the experience of wearing:

  • Comfort throughout the day: clothing moves with the user and keeps fit throughout the day

  • Cooling comfort: this technology helps the owner cool and dry

  • Sustainability: LYCRA® T400® EcoMade fiber contains both recycled and renewable sources to reduce exposure compared to primary fibers

LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT technology is the perfect solution to the trend, which is a “new utility” that combines durable performance with individual elegance and is designed to meet the needs of different categories of clothing – for work and leisure. “Now that we’ve felt comfortable all day, we’re looking forward to versatile clothing made from durable fabrics that provides the freedom of an everyday, comfortable lifestyle,” said Ebru Ozaidin, LYCRA’s Director of Strategic Marketing. “Fabrics that offer universal solutions can translate the consumer from a working hybrid to everyday affairs or just walking in the park. The term “new utility” has become a buzzword to define light clothing, combining everyday practicality and urban elegance with the use of low-impact materials ”.

LYCRA® DUAL COMFORT technology is only available in factories licensed by LYCRA.

For more information on this technology, see LYCRA’s recent webinar or visit its website.


LYCRA innovates and manufactures fiber and technological solutions for the garment and personal care industry. LYCRA, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is recognized worldwide for its innovative products, technical expertise, sustainable solutions and unrivaled marketing support. LYCRA owns leading consumer and retail brands: LYCRA®LYCRA HyFit®lycra® T400®COOLMAX®THERMALITE®ELASPAN®PLUS®and TACTEL®. LYCRA’s legacy dates back to 1958 with the invention of the original LYCRA spandex yarn® fiber. Today, LYCRA focuses on increasing value for its customers ’products by developing unique innovations designed to meet consumers’ needs for comfort and long-lasting performance. For more information, visit

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