The 74 Teams Up With USC Annenberg School of Journalism to Develop New Education Journalists

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The United School District of Los Angeles is not only the second largest school system in the country. It is also one of the most unique with students making up 73 percent of Hispanics. The county has a lot in the news, having just hired high-ranking superintendent Alberto Carvalho, who stepped into his new office on Monday and now faces a long list of pressing issues.

This is one of the many reasons why The 74 is pleased to announce a new collaboration with USC Annenberg School of Journalism to give students there a paid opportunity to report on education issues in Los Angeles and publish them on our news pages and on our affiliate publication pages , LA School Report.

In the process, we hope to better inform Angelenos about the development of education in their city and help develop the next generation of reporters in the field of education.

Already as part of the USC collaboration, students have prepared several articles that you could see in The 74 or LA School Report, including reports on how LAUSD handled distance learning, a return to personal learning, and what people think it is. should be a top priority for the new head.

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This spring, a cohort of student journalists is working closely with the editors of The 74, most notably senior editor Joan Wasserman, who trained and guided their work. Esmeralda Fabian Romero, an adjunct instructor in journalism at USC and a former LA School Report reporter, also works directly with students to help develop their ideas and approaches to reporting.

Gabriel Kahn, a professor of professional practice at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism, oversees the project. “Public education in Los Angeles is very important and unfortunately not covered enough,” he said. “Our goal is to teach future journalists how to report on this topic by publishing substantial work on the country’s second-largest public school district.”

The COVID pandemic has taught us many things over the past two years, but for The 74 and LA School Report one of the most important lessons was the value and importance of thorough evidence-based reports and stories. These two years have been historic for America’s education system, and the recovery process after the pandemic and all related learning disabilities will have huge implications.

America needs more educational journalists. We are grateful to our friends from USC for helping to develop more of them.

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Jim Roberts is the publisher and CEO of Strategy The 74 and the LA School Report.


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