Taking South Carolina’s Innovation to CES: State’s products, environment shine at electronics event

John Lamus, President and CEO, Upstate SC Alliance

BMW. Bosch. Schneider Electric. Samsung. Ebat. Magna International. Plastic omnium. ЗФ.

Aside from a shared presence in the north of the state, these companies have one more thing in common: each took the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations at CES 2022.

It’s a major technology event, formerly known as the “Consumer Electronics Show,” where hundreds of idea leaders gather, “to show you that technology has never been so important in our lives,” the event’s website reports.

And there’s a secret that emerges in the economic development community: CES is a place to explore the clash of manufacturing and technology, to capture mobility innovations as they unfold, and to showcase ecosystems like South Carolina to companies that may consider the possibility of new growth. markets.

The Upstate Alliance team did just that in early January in partnership with Charleston Regional Development Alliance (CRDA) and South Carolina Department of Commerce to present our region as an internationally powerful area where production and technology intersect – an environment suitable for business.

To take part in the story, the SC team was joined Pozyxa Belgian real-time tracking technology provider with an office in Greenville, and eGroupa Charleston-based IT service provider with customers in areas including healthcare, financial services and advanced logistics.

For the companies, it was a chance to find out what was going on in the industry, connect with potential customers and deepen their connections. Yves Giss of Pozyx calls this experience a “huge success”.

“We welcomed people from all walks of life and with different interests in our location-based solutions,” says His. “We’ve had amazing brainstorming around new RTLS (real-time location systems) ideas and usage options and great context for the network.”

State research assets and engineering talent were also demonstrated: highlights of transportation and transportation technology included the Indy Autonomous Challenge, took place in October 2021 using the first-ever autonomous racing car, which was developed as part of the CU-ICAR Deep Orange educational vehicle prototype program.

Did you say “economic development”?

You may ask, “Wait? Economic development? Who else is there? ”

The popularity of the event in economic development circles is still growing, although for the Northern Alliance and the CRDA it was our second exhibition.

We contacted our friends from Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) – great, because we were joined by a Belgian company – and in the consulates of the Netherlands.

And this year we were in good company: other members of the international community included the Istanbul Development Agency, the Italian Trade Agency and the Japan Tech Project.

For communities like the North and Charleston, being a player on that field is very important. It helps us get our name, increase visibility for innovations that emerge from our bright minds, and meet with several growing technology companies that are interested in expanding to the southeast.

And with product categories including 3D printing, AI / robotics, health and wellness, IoT infrastructure and transportation / vehicle technology, it’s hard to find a boundary that doesn’t fit South Carolina’s manufacturing ecosystem.

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