T/T Boardwalk announced as finalist in design and innovation awards

Hodgdon Tenders, the tender department for superyacht hodgdon yachts, is proud to announce that T / T BoardwalkThe 8.5-meter-tall (27’11 “) limousine, built by Hodgdon Tenders and designed by Michael Peters of Yacht Design, was selected as a finalist in the Tedder of the Year category by an independent jury in the Boat International 2022 Design and Innovation Awards.

Each year, Boat International “recognizes not only maritime architecture and style, but also aspects of design and technology that represent innovation, engineering development and sustainability amid the changing demands of yacht owners” during the awards ceremony.

Set as part of a couple, the Hodgdon tender built is stored in a garage aboard his mother ship, EmbankmentA 250-foot superyacht built by Feadship in the Netherlands. T / T Boardwalk includes many design elements needed by the owner.

A tender for an 8.5-meter-long limousine with seating for 12 people has much to offer in a relatively small package. Visibility was one of the key design features, so the tender was built with wide full-width glass panels in the front and stern bulkheads, glass doors, glass panels in the lift roof and large side windows that are ideal for viewing heights if you are sitting in a guest cabin. Custom stainless steel parts were another important part of the design task, which was solved by integrating the Hodjan branded anchor for concealed mounting, smooth rails without fasteners, elegant stainless steel windshield, sturdy roof rails and handrails on the roof. karma. a deck as well as a stainless steel tank that is both artistic and functional.

Lighting was a major feature on both the mother ship and the tender, so in addition to the docking and stainless steel spotlights, 12 underwater lights were included. One of the most important and often forgotten features of the tender is boarding, and easy access is the key to this design with doors for landing on the left and right sides, as well as a roof that rises to full height.

“We are glad to have had the opportunity to deliver two more exceptional American tenders to the owner Embankment“Said Audrey Hodjan, director of sales and marketing. “We remain committed to supplying high quality construction with many other tenders to leading Northern European shipyards in the coming years.”

The winners of the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards will be announced in Milan (Italy) at the Superyacht Design Festival in June.


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