State recognizes Travis Education Center as model continuation high school

FAIRFIELD – The head of public education Tony Thurmand has announced that the Travis Education Center is one of 36 schools in the state recognized as a model high school for 2022.

“These exemplary schools provide invaluable resources and academic opportunities to our students with high needs who often face difficult life events,” Thurmond said in a press release. “Students enjoy the benefits of social and emotional learning, mentoring programs, student rehabilitation, and restorative justice practices, among other exemplary methods.”

“The efforts of teachers and administrators of our model high schools provide students with the social support, goal setting, and overcoming skills they need to succeed in school and in life after high school,” Thurmond said in a release.

There are more than 430 high schools serving about 78,000 students nationwide. Continuing education schools provide a high school certificate program for students ages 16 to 18 who have not completed high school, are required to attend school, and are at risk of not completing their education.

Schools were selected on the basis of a comprehensive application process, which included the submission of detailed stories describing specific aspects of school activities and how they were exemplary, and the use of assessment tools and data to support continuous improvement, the press release said. The process included an expert examination and an on-site visit.

The High School Model Continuation Recognition Program is a joint partnership between the California Department of Education and the California Continuation Education Association Plus. The program recognizes higher education institutions for the comprehensive services they provide to youth at risk through learning strategies, flexible scheduling, leadership and counseling.

The 36 schools selected as exemplary high schools will retain their appointments for three years and will be recognized on May 5-8 at a state conference in Long Beach.

Janelle Preston is the director of the Travis Education Center, located at 2775 DeRonde Drive in Fairfield.

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