ST Engineering Highlights Variety of Technology Solutions

Local aerospace engineering, defense and technology company ST Engineering is showcasing its various capabilities in the largest pavilion of the Singapore Airshow, covering an area of ​​more than 2,000 square meters for three key clusters: aviation, defense and the so-called smart city.

“We’ve put together a showcase at a time when the situation with Covid-19 remains dynamic,” said Ravinder Singh, chief executive officer of technology and innovation at ST Engineering. “We strive to move forward and constantly innovate to solve real problems.”

One of these problems focuses on facilitating the urgent delivery of parcels from shore to ship. ST Engineering is launching a pilot program to test the use of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to deliver packages weighing up to 7kg to ships in the busy port area of ​​Singapore. Testing includes ST Engineering’s DroNet drone technology, and Sumitomo is making its navy available, while Skyports and ST Engineering will conduct drone operations out of visual sight to deliver packages to ships. Despite the test operation, they will be the first for drones funded under a commercialization agreement in collaboration with the Wilhelmsen Ships Service, ST Engineering reports.

The packages carried by the drone may include important documents, medicines and even small parts needed by the ships. The DroNet drone, which is on display at ST Engineering, is also involved in activities such as tank management, aircraft and building inspections, and surveillance of island and marine assets.

One of the important parts of the aviation cluster – the full-scale engine nacelle – highlights ST Engineering’s capabilities in composite manufacturing and aerodynamic design. ST Engineering’s transition to converting passengers into cargo during the pandemic is also highlighted in the aviation cluster, including information on the world’s first A320P2F, whose first flight took place in December. The company has also made great strides in additive manufacturing and is showcasing aerospace products manufactured using this technology.

With more than 3,000 employees in 30 international offices working on global defense, engineering and technology solutions, ST Engineering customers come from more than 100 countries. According to ST Engineering, solutions are available to customers “from engineering design, certification, original equipment production and maintenance, repair and overhaul services to asset management”.


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