Sony Electronics Introduces LinkBuds, a New Frontier for Headphones

All worlds are always connected
LinkBuds were created using a unique open ring design which allows users to tune in to the outside world when they want, without compromising on listening. The newly developed ring driver the device has an open central diaphragm for sound transparency, so talking to friends and communicating with the surroundings is easy. The new design makes LinkBuds the perfect companion for a variety of uses, including work from home, games, listening to music and more.

These headphones are about four grams small and light, so users can wear them for a long time. Unlike conventional headphones, the protective surface covering the diaphragm of the speaker is integrated into the case, saving space. The overall shape has also been developed using extensive ear shape data compared since Sony introduced the world’s first in-ear headphones in 1982. Users hardly notice that they are wearing them, making them the perfect companion all day, every day.

Crystal clear sound
LinkBuds include accurate voice pickup technology which performs advanced voice signal processing. Sony’s noise reduction algorithm has been developed using machine learning artificial intelligence using more than 500 million voice samples to suppress ambient noise and clear voice. Even when used in noisy environments, LinkBuds offers a quiet place for clear calls.

Despite their small size and open-air design, they still provide impressive quality sound. Thanks DSEE (Digital Audio Enhancement Mechanism), soundtracks restored to high quality sound. The built-in Sony V1 processor plays all the important details of your favorite music with minimal distortion, which provides stunningly true listening. In addition, a specially designed 12mm ring driver provides rich, well-balanced sound.

Using Sony Headphone Connect app, users can unlock a number of features. For example, Adaptive volume control2 automatically optimizes the volume according to the location of users, allowing music to easily blend in with the environment. This allows customers to enjoy comfortable volume in a variety of environments to improve the listening experience outdoors.

Made to make life easier
LinkBuds is very easy to use thanks to advanced smart features. З Wide tap3users can double- or triple-tap any of their ears to customize playback – no need to touch LinkBuds themselves.

Full hands? LinkBuds is here to help. З Chat4, users can automatically pause their music as soon as they talk to someone. Once the conversation is over, the music starts playing automatically – no need to touch any controls. LinkBuds also come with hands-free voice services to quickly get information, connect with friends, set reminders and more5. Just say “OK Google” or “Alexa”.

Easy combination of Bluetooth® with Fast Pair and Swift Pair
LinkBuds supports a useful novelty from Google Fast couple a feature that allows you to effortlessly connect to Android devices and easily find LinkBuds using your smartphone. Swift Pair allows you to quickly and easily combine LinkBuds with a laptop with Windows 11 or Windows 10, desktop or tablet.

Quick access to your favorite music
З Quick accesslisteners can set up LinkBuds to resume Spotify playback with just a few taps without using their smartphone.6

Explore with Microsoft Soundscape
LinkBuds provide advanced features integrated with Microsoft Soundscape7. The open form of LinkBuds allows users to hear sound beacons and footnotes of buildings or intersections with the natural sound of the surroundings. Compass / gyroscope sensors inside the headphones can determine the direction of the user’s head and allow them to hear sound from the destination without holding a smartphone.8

Sustainability matters to Sony
Sony has not only designed LinkBuds to be stylish, but also environmentally friendly. These unique headphones and their charging case are made using recycled plastic materials and plastic-free packaging9. LinkBuds is Sony’s first headphones made from recycled materials.

Headphones for every day of the week
LinkBuds are perfect for everyday use. Thanks Water resistance IPX410, splashes and sweat won’t interfere with a workout or outdoor adventure. Users can also enjoy up to 5.5 hours11 charging from headphones and up to 12 hours12 more from a sleek and compact body. Not enough time to charge? Just a 10-minute quick charge gives up to 90 minutes of play.

Sound from everywhere
LinkBuds also come with 360 reality audio13, allowing users to experience their favorite entertainment in a whole new way. With 360 Reality Audio music becomes an exciting sound experience and evokes the feeling of being in a music studio or at a concert venue.

New sound experiences with our partners
Sony’s innovative LinkBuds uniquely connect the online and offline world, and we will continue to provide new sound experiences and a variety of services with our partners:

Microsoft Soundscape is an innovative audio-based technology that illustrates our mission to give everyone the opportunity to achieve more, ”he said. Peter Lee, CVP Microsoft Research & Incubations. “In collaboration with Sony to integrate Soundscape with LinkBuds, we found that the thoughtful design of the headphones improves the Soundscape experience so people can better understand their environment and get more opportunities to move, while enjoying a real head-up and hands-free. This is just the beginning and we are delighted with our ongoing relationship with Sony and how our complementary technology is enhancing the value of our personal and professional lives. ”

“Our products – Ingress, Pokémon GO and Pikmin Bloom – use augmented reality and real gameplay to inspire fun and surprise for our community,” he said. Architect Bhargavaproduct marketing director at NianticInc. “Sound is an important part of any entertainment experience, especially those where users learn. That’s why we’re excited to work with Sony to launch LinkBuds to provide exciting real-world audio for our community.”

“At Spotify, we are always working to create the best and most seamless listening experience at all times,” said Stan Garmark, vice president of consumer experience for Spotify. “Together with Sony we are excited about the arrival Spotify Click on new LinkBuds that allow listeners to instantly switch to music or get something new – all with simple taps. ”

To watch the LinkBuds video ad online, visit

Prices and affordability
LinkBuds to have a recommended retail price $ 1790.99 and available for order today gray and white to Sony Electronics, Amazon, Best Buy and other authorized dealers. For a complete list of features and information or to purchase directly from Sony Electronics, visit

About Sony Electronics Inc.
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1 LinkBuds is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
2 Set the “ON” function in Sony | Headphones Connect app.
3 To adjust the operation of your LinkBuds, press between the top of the ear (fossa) and the earlobe, and from the top of the ear (ear canal) to the bottom of the earlobe. Coughing or attaching / separating accessories around the ears may affect performance and may require disabling features and controls using Sony | Headphones Connect app.
4 Set the “ON” function in Sony | Headphones Connect app. In rare cases, Speak-to-Chat mode may inadvertently trigger in response to vibrations caused by devices such as electric toothbrushes, electric razors, and actions such as coughing or chanting. To turn off Speak-to-Chat and return to music immediately, tap the left or right touchpad. Music will resume by default 15 seconds after your conversation ends in chat mode. This term can be set using Sony | Headphones Connect app.
5 Google Headphone Assistant is only available for Android devices. The Google Assistant activation feature, saying “OK Google” in the headphones, is only available for Android devices. Google, Google Assistant and Android are trademarks of Google LLC. Google Assistant and Alexa are not available in all languages ​​and countries / regions. Install Google Assistant and configure with Sony | Headphones Connect app. For Amazon Alexa, install the Amazon Alexa app and configure it with Sony Headphones Connect app.
6 Install Spotify and configure Sony Headphones Connect app. Download the latest version of Spotify, then sign in to use Spotify Tap ™. If you forcibly disable Spotify, you must either reopen the program or keep the headphones in a case and switch the power to use Spotify Tap ™.
7 Please follow the link below in the URL to view videos and experiences of the LinkBuds and Soundscape concept.
8 Requires installation of the application on the iOS device. Please see details on Microsoft and Soundscape are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.
9 Coating and adhesive materials excluded.
10 Protection against splashes of water at any angle, except the block of the ring driver is provided. The charging case is not waterproof.
11 Up to 5.5 hours for continuous music playback and up to 2.5 hours for continuous communication (when using a Bluetooth® connection).
12 Up to 5.5 hours (headphones) + up to 12 hours (charging case), only up to 17.5 hours when using a Bluetooth® connection. Full charge of LinkBuds in 1.5 hours and cover for 3 hours.
13 360 Reality Audio requires a subscription to a compatible online music service, and third party terms, account and fees may apply.

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