shift Electronics collaborates with Tree-Nation to plant 1600 trees

DUBAIUAE, February 13, 2022 / PRNewswire / – shift Electronics, a DubaiA leading distributor of technology and lifestyle products in the UAE has announced a partnership with Tree-Nation as part of a CSR program in support of the environment. The initiative, which involves planting trees, aims to support the mandate of change in combating climate change and offsetting CO2 emissions.

Tree-Nation is an international non-profit organization that offers individuals and companies a platform for planting trees around the world and compensating for CO2 emissions. After careful calculations, shift found CO2 emissions from the production, packaging and transportation of its products to more than 60 global brands in 2021. shift planted more than 1,600 trees to offset nearly 1,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions, it was released in 2021.

In his comments, Mazen HanaferFounder and Managing Director of shift Electronics said: “Climate change is one of the greatest threats to humanity. Our planet is losing trees every year due to deforestation. If climate change is allowed to continue at its current pace, it will lead to at least 200 million climate refugees by 2050. shift has always believed in the importance of preserving the environment, so our initiative cannot come to a better occasion than Valentine’s Day if we demonstrate love for the planet we all live in. About 17% of climate change is caused by There are two solutions to combat climate change: either reducing greenhouse gas emissions or capturing CO2 that is already being released into the atmosphere, so planting trees is the most effective way and ideal solution to combat climate change. the initiative “Love for our planet” we strive to bring positive change to our beloved planet. “

What’s more, during 2022 shift Electronics is committed to continuing to plant trees on behalf of its customers, suppliers and employees. Although the trees are planted in a real forest, they will be given a unique URL by which you can track the growth of each tree individually.

About changing electronics

shift is a leading distributor of technology and lifestyle in the Middle Eastfocusing on pure value-added distributions. shift works locally and regionally to represent and supply over 60 premium brands through an unprecedented level of service, support, logistics and competitive pricing. variable services for all business sectors, including wholesalers, small and medium-sized retailers, value-added intermediaries, electricity, corporate resellers and e-commerce. Its rapid expansion and commitment to service excellence have positioned it as a market leader in the region and a favorite source of premium products.
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About Tree-Nation

Tree-Nation, founded in r Barcelona, is a non-profit organization that allows citizens and companies to plant trees around the world to offset CO2 emissions and combat climate change. It uses patented technology to make planting trees easy, allowing individuals and companies to participate in reforestation projects. With more than 7 million trees planted to date, Tree-Nation has the largest number of reforestation projects available on a single platform, offering members the opportunity to plant more than 300 tree species in more than 30 proven projects on 6 different continents.

Contacts: Mr. Mazen Hanafer, [email protected]+971 4 323 3220

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