Samsung Introduces Smart All-in-One Fingerprint Security IC for Biometric Payment Cards – Samsung Global Newsroom

The new security IC solution combines fingerprint sensor, Secure Element and Secure Processor in one chip with improved security features that include Samsung’s own fingerprint authentication algorithm and anti-spoofing technology.

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today unveiled its new fingerprint security chip (integrated circuit) ─ S3B512C ─ with improved security features. The new solution is certified by EMVCo and Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+ and operates in accordance with the latest Mastercard Biometric Evaluation Plan Summary (BEPS) specifications for biometric payment cards.

“The S3B512C combines a fingerprint sensor, Secure Element (SE) and Secure Processor, adding an extra level of authentication and security to payment cards,” said Kenny Hahn, vice president of marketing for System LSI at Samsung Electronics. “S3B512C is primarily intended for payment cards, but may also be used in cards that require highly secure authentication, such as student or staff identification, membership, or access to a building.”

The new security chip is the industry’s first all-in-one security chip solution that reads biometric information through a fingerprint sensor, stores and authenticates encrypted data with SE-protected protection, and analyzes and processes data with secure data. CPU. With three key features combined into one chip, the S3B512C can help card manufacturers reduce the number of chips required and optimize card development processes for biometric payment cards.

With the built-in new security chip, biometric payment cards will allow faster and more secure interaction when shopping. Biometric authentication eliminates the need to enter a PIN on the keyboard, and prevents fraudulent transactions made with lost or stolen cards, as it verifies the identity of the owner with a unique and secure fingerprint.

Encrypted fingerprint data solutions are stored in SE, which has received globally accredited certificates such as EMVCo and CC EAL 6+. To securely and accurately verify the user’s identity, the new chip comes with a patented fingerprint authentication algorithm and a secure processor that extracts and analyzes the unique features of the fingerprints located on the sensor. In addition, anti-fraud chip technology prevents unauthorized users from circumventing the security system through illegitimate methods such as artificial fingerprints.

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