PCS Software Quarterly Innovation Update

The company’s latest innovations expand LTL management functionality by adding platform improvements to automate, visibility, and integrate third-party vendors.

HUSTAN, February 15, 2022 / PRNewswire / – PCS Software is a leading provider of artificial intelligence-based transportation management (TMS) platforms for shippers, carriers and brokerage companies in North Americareached an important milestone in the fourth quarter with 12 major technological advances in its artificial intelligence-based transport management platform.

As part of the PCS release, LTL added Mobile Dispatch to existing Truckload and Intermodal Mobile Dispatch modules in Mobile Express, an application that connects office staff and drivers with the SaaS-based platform.

LTL Mobile Dispatch allows carriers and brokerage companies to create and ship LTL deliveries directly from Mobile Express. As part of the release, PCS has also set up a LTL pre-planning feature to plan loads for the next few days and forecast available capacity in trailers for accurate scheduling, shipping and optimization.

“The current pandemic and supply chain disruptions have challenged the staff of trucking companies and brokerage firms to find better solutions to work with them wherever they are,” he said. Paul Beaver, Chief Technology Officer of PCS. “Our latest innovations give customers greater mobility, automation and visibility for remote control of all aspects of business operations.”

Other TMS and mobile innovations in the fourth quarter release are listed below:

Voice Assistant

PCS has added a handy “Hey PCS” voice assistant for Mobile Express users to query the extensive Carrier TMS database in a hands-free way. The “Hey, PCS” feature has a list of voice commands that allow drivers to ask questions like “Where’s my next pickup?” Similarly, dispatchers can ask questions like “Where is the driver John Doe? “or” Where John Doe delivery today? ”If the issue is not registered, the system records it for consideration to add to a future issue.

Open the API

Another milestone in the fourth quarter is the open API, which gives PCS customers complete freedom to integrate patented and third-party systems with a database platform for bidirectional data exchange. The first APIs that PCS made available were workloads, invoices, and locations.

One of the many ways to use the open API is to replace electronic data interchange (EDI). Using the Freight API, a carrier or brokerage company can set up a direct connection with shippers to receive freight offers directly to TMS. With the Locations API the platform can send and receive senders updates of automatic tracking of shipments.

Strategic partnership

PCS in partnership with Drivewyze, Thermo King, and Uber Freight to release three strategic integrations. Drivewyze PreClear weighbridge bypass service and notifications are now available through the Mobile Express driver version. Thermo King adds to the platform the location of trailers, temperature, fuel level, alerts and other visibility tools to manage temperature-controlled logistics. Integration with Uber Freight automates manual processes including carrier selection, price loads and invoicing.

Reporting and payments

Carrier TMS users now have direct access in the system to the built-in asset management function (ATM), which provides a digital map of tractors, trailers and loads with filter and search functions. Previously, users gained access to the ATM by clicking on a link to open the map view in a separate browser.

As part of the release, PCS has created additional reports and data visualizations for PCS Business Intelligence, a reporting module that gives full access to the database to platform users through a hosted business intelligence solution.

Another update is for PCS Payments Express, a module that operators and brokerage companies use to add a “Pay Now” button to email invoices. With the update, users can charge their customers for credit card payments. Users can also set up free ACH payments.

About PCS software

PCS Software is a leader in artificial intelligence-based vehicle management platform that offers disruptive innovations for shippers, carriers and brokers of medium and large enterprises in USA and Canada. Cloud PCS software with API integration automates all transport logistics with a single integrated solution. The PCS platform, available via the Internet or a companion mobile app, provides powerful functionality to manage speed and route optimization, mode selection, shipping / tendering, carrier and fleet management, security and compliance, cargo area management, billing / accounting and more. For more information, visit www.PCSSoft.com.

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