Ontic Acquires Product Lines From Ultra Electronics

Cheltenham, England – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Ontic, a leading OEM and service provider for proven aircraft in commercial, military, helicopter and related markets (including marine and rail), has signed an asset purchase agreement for a variety of Ultra Precision Control Systems product lines. PCS ‘) in the UK

The acquisition covers five different product categories, which include: old electronics, aviation lighting, goods binding, engine terminal blocks and rail barrier systems. The products will be transferred from two Ultra PCS sites to the existing British site Ontic.

Gareth Hall, CEO of Ontic, said: “Ontic is pleased to sign this agreement with Ultra, which supports their future strategic plan, allowing Ultra to focus on its core growth technologies. The acquisition of Ontic, the fourth deal with Ultra, ensures that products, high-skilled jobs and supply chains remain in the UK, protecting end customers and ensuring an efficient transition ”.

Simon Price, CEO of Ultra, commented: “These retirements are in line with our Ultra strategy to focus on our core capabilities and markets where Ultra has specific expertise and knowledge. Therefore, these technologies will be better developed in Ontic’s new property. would like to thank the Ultra employees involved in these product lines for their contribution to Ultra and wish them and the business success in the future with Ontic ”.

About Ontic:

Ontic’s global legacy focus is supported by manufacturing and technical facilities in Chatsworth, California; Creedmoor, North Carolina; Plainview, New York; Cheltenham, Staverton and Bolton in the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Ontic has more than 45 years of aerospace manufacturing experience and after-sales experience. Ontic provides OEM support to FAA, CAAS, CAAC, TCCA, DCA, EASA, Part 21 and 145, including new and serviceable parts and repairs for more than 6,500 parts for mature and obsolete aircraft. Its portfolio of products licensed or purchased from major OEMs such as Honeywell, UTC Aerospace, Safran, Thales and GE Aviation covers all major aviation systems in both the civilian and military markets. For more information, visit www.ontic.com.

About Ultra:

Ultra provides developed application solutions in key elements of critical and intelligent systems. Through innovative problem-solving, sustainable sustainability and evolving technology, we provide excellent solutions to our clients ’most complex challenges in defense, security, critical detection and management environments.


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