Northern Virginia Technology Council Launches Strategic Plan by Attain Partners

The technology organization launches a plan to continue the legacy of connecting technology leaders and skilled talent, stimulating industry growth in the region of the national capital

McLean, Virginia, February 15, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), a trade association representing the technology community of the national capital, today announced its strategic plan, jointly developed by Attain Partners, a leading consulting firm on strategy, technology and compliance. The strategic plan outlines the Council’s approach to growth over the next five years, starting in 2022.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021, NVTC has partnered with Attain Partners to develop goals that will foster further evolution and innovation for the organization over the next 30 years. Experts from Attain Partners, who are honored to serve as NVTC’s strategic advisors, have volunteered time and experience to identify four key strategic priorities that will enable NVTC to realize its vision of “being the brightest and most collaborative technology community in the world.”

“As we celebrate three decades of technological evolution and community service, NVTC and its nearly 500 member companies are looking forward. The success of our technology community depends on – and will be driven by – the next generation of talent and investment we make here in our region,” he said. Jennifer Taylor, President and CEO of NVTC. “Attain Partners understands our vision and has helped shape our five-year strategic roadmap for NVTC. The plan serves as our benchmark for a diverse and inclusive community where innovation and technology thrive at the highest level.”

Achieve Managing Director and Head of Practice Partners, Reshma Patel-Jacksonled the development of the NVTC Strategic Plan, which sets out four strategic priorities to help NVTC fuel its mission to accelerate innovation and advance the world-class workforce.

“We focus on working with clients to align short-term tactical steps with long-term strategic goals. Based on broad stakeholder coverage, rigorous benchmarking and the latest market research, we have developed an NVTC plan that will not only unite the Board around a common vision, but also provide effective steps to implement, “said Patel-Jackson.” Our strategic planning process takes into account implications of implementation to ensure that initiatives are possible, effective and able to bring successful business results to our customers. NVTC’s mission is critical to our region’s economic growth, and this strategic roadmap will guide the Board’s implementation of its strategy and actions with a built-in efficiency framework to ensure success. “

“At the highest level, NVTC’s role in relation to member companies is focused on two main pillars. The first is about talent – filling the technology channel of talent and supporting the needs of technology companies in our region. The second includes innovation – ensuring that Greater Washington is still positioned as one of the main regions in the country – and in the world – where entrepreneurs can develop the next generation of technologies for the development of our economy, “he said. Greg Baroni, founder and CEO of Attain Partners and Chairman of the Board of NVTC. “This strategic plan fuels NVTC’s goal and provides the foundation needed for both talent development and innovation, as the Council continues to evolve and grow.”

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