Nexen Tire develops tire performance prediction system using AI technology

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Thanks to a virtual design system, Nexen Tire’s advanced technology enables the development of tires with optimum performance

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SEOUL, South Korea, February 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Nexen Tire, the world’s leading tire manufacturer, said today that it has developed a system for predicting tire performance based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Creating a system for predicting tire performance using AI technology, the company explained that it will use machine learning technology in the concept development phase to accurately and quickly predict key performance indicators such as fuel efficiency, noise, process control, etc. considered in the tire design process.

Because ensuring high quality data in large volumes is critical to machine learning, Nexen Tire has created a pre-processing technology that can detect and replace breaches in protected data. By providing a significant amount of training data using data augmentation techniques, the Company was able to provide a forecasting model with good forecasting performance for insufficient data.

The ability to predict the performance of tires at the beginning of the tire development process has a significant impact on the number of prototypes produced and the development time. Finished element analysis (FEA) is primarily used to predict the performance of common tires. With FEA the shape and material properties of the tire can be simulated as a virtual three-dimensional tire on a computer, and the mechanical properties of the product can be confirmed by numerical calculations. The advantage of the FEA is that it can evaluate high accuracy performance estimates, but it takes a long time to calculate the figures, so developers quickly analyze performance at the concept design stage, which is inefficient.

Nexen Tire is consistently working to create a virtual product development system. With a newly developed tire performance forecasting system using artificial intelligence technology, this will allow faster and more accurate tire design and improved performance during the pre-production process, in addition to existing FEA-based performance forecasting techniques and genetic algorithms that offer optimal planning. .

“We aim to complete the development of the Virtual Brain Loop System, a tire development system based on our own virtual design technology, and apply it to OE and RE products,” said Son Re Kim, a researcher at NEXEN University, Nexen. Tire Central Research and Development Institute. “Through collaborative industry and academic research, we intend to enhance talent training and research skills.”

Professor Song Boom Kim of the University of Korea and Professor Ki Chun Lee of the University of Hanyang collaborated on a newly established system for predicting tire performance using AI technology.


Nexen Tire, based in South Korea, was founded in 1942 and is one of the world’s fastest growing tire manufacturers. Currently, the company cooperates with more than 150 countries and manages 4 production facilities: two in Korea (Yanson and Changen), one in China (Qingdao) and one in Europe (Reaper, Czech Republic), which began operations in 2019. Nexen Tire specializes in advanced technology and design for cars, SUVs and light trucks. In addition, the South Korean tire manufacturer supplies original equipment tires to global automakers in various countries.

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