MAPCO Express Inc, selects Grabango to Bring Checkout-Free Technology to Its Stores

BERKLEY, CA – (BUSINESS WIRE) — Grabango, a leading provider of cashless technology for existing stores, has partnered with MAPCO, a chain of stores across the southeastern United States to add cashless work to its locations starting in Tennessee. As shoppers across the U.S. expect more convenient retail, Grabango continues to meet that demand by expanding its business and expanding its business through new partnerships.

“Grabango and MAPCO share a vision to simplify things for the consumer on the road,” said Will Glaser, CEO of Grabango. “We are happy to bring shopping without a cash register to the new region. As Grabango is part of its fifth largest metro area, we are pleased to be able to offer this free service to MAPCO customers. ”

Free Grabango services will be available to shoppers at two Tennessee stores until the fall 2022, one of which will be the newly developed MAPCO format, which represents a holistic “store of the future” experience. This is the first time shoppers in Nashville can save time with technology without a checkout. MAPCO operates more than 330 convenience and fuel retail stores in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia, Kentucky and Mississippi.

“Our team is constantly thinking about how to always improve the experience of MAPCO guests,” said Frederic Shaveria, MAPCO’s Chief Executive Officer. “We strive to help our guests make the best vacation where they can freshen up and recharge at their own pace with quality products and services at affordable prices that suit them best, and Grabango’s customer-focused offering combined with their proven market success. so we chose them to help us realize our shared vision. ”

Since its founding in 2016, Grabango has been on a mission to improve everyday life by eliminating queues and saving people time. The company is fulfilling this promise by bringing its technology without cash registers to existing stores where people are already shopping. The successful shopping experience it provides is fast becoming the global standard, and Grabango is leading the market in several stores across the country.

To date, Grabango has signed seven major retail partners, including the world’s top 10 grocer, two Fortune 500 companies and the multinational Fortune-25 company. In total, the company’s partners represent more than 200 million square feet of retail space, and each of these partners has annual revenues of $ 1 billion. Grabango is expanding rapidly and has already deployed a 120,000-square-foot trading floor.

About Grabang

Grabango is a leading technology provider without cash registers for existing large-scale chain stores. Grabango provides customers with the next generation and is the only enterprise-class cashless solution deployed in multiple chain stores from coast to coast. The Grabango platform is a negative, frontier computing network that accurately handles millions of simultaneous transactions. The system does not restrict who can enter the store, what can be sold there and how the shelves are configured. For more information, visit


Marked Energage as the Best Job in the United States in 2022, MAPCO works with a team of more than 3,200 dedicated employees with a strong commitment to customer service to provide the convenience you can trust®, in more than 330 company-owned stores, and fuel. Operating in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia, Kentucky and Mississippi, MAPCO stores offer a wide range of high quality products and services. Customers can refresh and recharge with freshly brewed coffee, packaged snacks and beverages, high-quality fuel and special offers through the industry-leading MY Reward $ loyalty program. MAPCO and its subsidiaries also operate a fuel logistics company consisting of more than 100 tankers and a fuel and fleet wholesale group serving more than 125 accounts. MAPCO is a subsidiary of COPEC, a leading retail company in South America. For more information, visit:

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