Leonardo S p A : Electronics U.S. Air Force grants F-16 operational clearance for BriteCloud 218 decoy

The The United States Air Force (USAF) is looking for an Eagle office cleared Leonardo BriteCloud 218 consumable active decoy for operational testing on board F-16 Fighting Falcon the plane. Authorization is one of the final steps of the U.S. Department of Defense Foreign Comparative Testing Program (FCT). for a product to be completed this year. The FCT, conducted by the U.S. National Guard, will open doors for purchases in the US.

BriteCloud is about rescue countermeasure which provides high-tech protection against surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles with radar guidance. Released as a missile, it can be transferred to combat, transport and special aircraft. BriteCloud contains a powerful miniature muffler that sends convincingly “electronic ghost” signals that seduce incoming missiles towards BriteCloud when it falls off the plane. This ensures that the missile will explode far from the intended target.

As the world’s first technology, BriteCloud was selected for evaluation under the U.S. Foreign Comparative Testing Program (FCT) in 2019 after him enlistment in the Royal Air Force of Great Britain. Made by Leonardo in the UK, BriteCloud is unique in that it contains the gold standard technology known as DRFM (Digital Radio Frequency Memory) in each round. DRFM allows BriteCloud to adapt its “electronic ghost” signal to a specific threat radar, allowing it to trick radar in the most efficient way. BriteCloud is capable of defeating all known current threat systems.

The BriteCloud variant, which has been given the green light by US authorities, called the BriteCloud 218, is suitable for standard 2x1x8-inch countermeasures, such as the AN / ALE-47 on the F-16. In addition to Leonardo’s interest in the United States, Leonardo is in talks with a number of other F-16 operators internationally seeking to equip their fleet with the latest generation of countermeasures without the need to modify the platform or perform costly integration work.

It is expected that after a series of confirmatory flight tests from the U.S. National Guard this year BriteCloud will be approved for the U.S. Armed Forces as a standard countermeasure product.

BriteCloud is an example electronic warfare technologycategory in which Leonardo is an international leader. As well as equipping the latest generation aircraft such as Eurofighter Typhoon, AW159 Wildcat, MQ-9B SeaGuardian and AH-64E Apachecompany a founding member ofStorman international program to build a new generation combat air system for Britain and its allies.


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