Keysight Helps LG Electronics to Demonstrate 6G Radio Frequency Front-End Module at 2021 Korea Science and Technology Exhibition

SANTA ROSA, CA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS), a leading technology company that delivers cutting-edge design and validation solutions to help accelerate innovation for connectivity and world security, has helped LG Electronics demonstrate 6G-end (RFFE) front-end radio frequency (RF) at the Science and Technology Show in Korea 2021, held at the International Exhibition Center of Korea (KINTEX) in Ilsan, Korea, December 22-24, 2021.

The demonstration used 6G Sub-Terahertz (THz) R&D Testbed Keysight and LG’s 6G radio transmitter to create wireless data in the Terabites. The Keysight 6G test platform supports scalable number of frequency bands and ultra-wide bandwidth. This allows leading wireless companies to conduct a study of the sound of 6G sub-THz channels and evaluate the signal shapes of 6G candidates.

“Keysight is pleased to provide LG Electronics with state-of-the-art 6G measuring equipment, which is crucial for evaluating radio components designed to support future ubiquitous wireless intelligent platforms,” said Sung Woo Lee, president of Keysight in Korea. “Keysight’s interdisciplinary expertise and interdisciplinary capabilities allow for early research in 6G, which is expected to be built on terabit speeds, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT cloud applications, extraterrestrial networks, holographic technology and new endings. security paradigms to the end ”.

Many applications and 6G usage options depend on short-range connectivity using higher data rates than those transmitted by 5G networks. This necessitates wide bandwidth at frequencies below THz above 100 GHz. Keysight’s 6G test bench provides a low residual error vector (EVM) over ultra-wide modulation bands, resulting in accurate estimates of the performance of EVM systems, transceivers, and components below THz. This allows researchers to create designs that provide the high performance needed to support future 6G usage options.

The Keysight 6G sub-THz R&D test bench allows LG Electronics to develop high-frequency, high-bandwidth RFFE and transceivers. It combines a high-speed multi-channel arbitrary Keysight waveform generator, a multi-channel high-performance UXR oscilloscope, PathWave vector vector analysis software and a PSG analog signal generator with compact up and down converters from Dioiades Inc. (VDI).

“Keysight’s experience in testing, emulation and optimization, combined with their ability to create meaningful connections between 6G technologies that support, helps LG Electronics bring innovation – from idea to design, development, production, deployment and operation,” Yonho said. Jay, vice president and head of the standard communications and media lab at LG Electronics. “These innovations support the vision of the 6G industry, which includes creating a more sustainably connected world.”

In early 2021, the parties initiated cooperation aimed at next-generation 6G networking technology by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at providing leadership in the phase of standardization and commercialization of 6G mobile communications.

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