Innovation drives Bühler group’s improved 2021 annual performance, despite pandemic pressures

The Bühler Group of Industrial Equipment and Solutions points out that key systems systems have shown that key innovations and applications with a net profit (by 3.2% to 113 million Swiss francs) and an increase in orders (by 16%, before) were behind the improvement in financial performance. 3 billion Swiss francs). for 2021, according to Neil Barston.

The company’s turnover also grew slightly to 2.7 billion Swiss francs as the company sought to recover from a difficult pandemic period over the past two years that has had a significant impact on a number of sectors, including confectionery and snack markets. .

However, the Swiss-based company said the improvement in its results was due to ensuring timely delivery to customers in challenging environments as it sought to expand its overall portfolio of industrial equipment and systems.

Speaking at his annual presentation (pictured below), CEO Stefan Scheiber acknowledged that last year was a special ordeal for business, but he remains optimistic as pandemic conditions seem to be making positive progress.

He noted: “It was very important for us to be connected when we look at the innovative eco-space with our partners such as Givaudan when I think of our international organization with research laboratories. But if we also look at the packaging solutions from Premier Tech and the Co2 energy solutions from Vyncke, as well as what we did in the new solutions for protein-based production with DiL, that helped us a lot. Inside, we also looked at our digital solutions, including MyBühler and Bühler online, and our fantastic innovations in injection molding and battery solutions were also very important, ”said the CEO, who also praised the work of the teams working on Haas products. . also plays a significant role in keeping the company in a test environment.

He continued: “Our committed employees in our strong global network have enabled us to prove our reliability to our customers and partners. And we have clearly strengthened our innovation power, ”said Bühler CEO Stefan Scheiber, who explained that the food, feed and mobility sectors in which it operates have undergone significant changes over the past two years, changing as required. consumers who have been included through new technology.

It is noteworthy that new types of chocolate, pralines and various confectionery and snack products have demanded new applications in the segment of Bühler Consumer Foods. In addition, Bühler’s Milling Solutions business has grown in the wheat, rye and specialty solutions segments, with processing solutions for high-capacity plants as well as for special applications for local niche markets.

In addition, the company said that digitalization and cloud services are key tools to improve the performance of existing assets of customers around the world, and this has also met the need to improve sustainability and reduce CO2 emissions.

As a result, the company said that the demand for sustainable solutions has clearly increased, and as part of its long-term innovation strategy, research and development costs have risen to more than 400 million Swiss francs over the past three years (2021: 141 million Swiss francs, 5.2% turnover). Bühler positions itself as a key factor and partner for its customers, supported by collaborations with key partners in industry and science.

The company reported positive market demand in its food segment, including solutions for processing plant proteins or dairy alternatives were in demand and contributed to the growth of Bühler’s Value Nutrition business.

At the group level, welcomed the increase in orders to 3 billion Swiss francs, but noted that due to the time gap in the plant’s business between receipt of orders and turnover, the trend of increasing orders is not yet visible in turnover, which remained stable at CHF 2.7 billion

The same applies to the profitability of 146 million Swiss francs, reflecting an EBIT margin of 5.4%. Net income was 113 million Swiss francs, also slightly better than last year. Orders by the end of 2021 have grown significantly by 27.2% to 1.9 billion Swiss francs. “Our innovations, both for plants and for services, have led to the growth of our order book. Our strategy to position ourselves as a provider of innovative solutions for the transformation of materials is bearing fruit, ”says Stefan Scheiber.

Segment growth

All three Bühler business segments have contributed to this positive development. Grain and food increased by 12% to 1.8 billion Swiss francs, consumer food by 6% to 584 million Swiss francs; and Advanced Materials showed the largest increase of 37% to 620 million Swiss francs.

It should be noted that the business areas with the highest growth rates were injection molding, grinding and dispersing, quality and supply of grain and milling solutions. From a regional perspective, America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and India have experienced the strongest upswings. China was the largest market for Bühler in 2021.

The company’s total network now includes 30 factories, 103 service stations and 24 application and training centers around the world has been key to success in a highly dynamic business environment. This allowed the company to ensure timely deliveries, also at a time when supply markets were complex and supply chains were partially broken. In 2021, the company implemented more than 2,000 customer projects, and as part of this, Bühler produced and delivered about 50,000 machines and key components. This was only possible thanks to the experience and dedication of Bühler employees, as well as their focus on customer success.

In 2021, Buhler continued to prioritize the safety and well-being of all employees, while focusing on training and education. With nearly 12,500 employees worldwide, flexibility and resilience have become key success factors in responding to public health challenges and all related constraints. He remains committed to his global training schemes as well as the broader development of the company’s employees.

“Over the last two years of the coronavirus crisis, we have learned to master a demanding environment with a strong goal and value orientation, with a positive attitude and an emphasis on innovation and people,” says Stefan Scheiber. At the heart of this positive mood are the upcoming Bühler Networks Days, scheduled for late June 2022. “We look forward to reuniting decision-makers and partners from the global food, feed and mobility industries. We would like to create a positive, accelerated and sustainable effect together with our partners. “

Resignation of the board

A few days before the publication of the results at the general meeting of shareholders of Bühler Holding AG, Clemens E. Bloom resigned as a member of the board of directors and a member of the audit committee.

He has been a member of the Board of Directors and a member of the Audit Committee since 2015. He will focus on new mandates and therefore no longer run for re-election. Calvin Grieder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bühler Group, on behalf of shareholders, members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board sincerely thanks Clemens E. Bloom for bringing his in-depth knowledge of business and especially Buhler automation over the past seven years.

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