Houston County Board of Education to close Lindsey Elementary

This is one of three district redistribution projects. This fall, 243 Lindsay students will be transferred to new schools.

WARNER ROBINS, GA – Some schools in Houston County will undergo some changes, including the closure of Lindsay Elementary School.

We went to Warner Robins to see how it would affect students and families, and to find out what lies ahead in the Lindsay Elementary School building.

Last week, the Houston County School Board unanimously voted to close Lindsay Elementary School after this school year.

Four children of Volivia Peebles visit Lindsay.

“Virtually all teachers and staff know my children because they’ve been here for so long. They just support. If something went wrong at school or outside, the principal doesn’t hesitate to call me or call me one of the teachers. That’s it. that they shouldn’t do, but they do. They really love all their students, and I’ll miss that, “Peebles said.

She says she has “mixed emotions” from having her children transferred to Westside Elementary.

Peebles said, “I don’t know how his transition with the new teacher will go because he’s used to the teachers he has now.”

Her son Jakari said he likes being a sophomore in Lindsay.

Jakari said, “I thought I would be with another teacher and miss my friends.”

According to Deputy Superintendent Richard Rogers, they need to change the area because the population is moving more to the southern part of the county. He says there are fewer students in Lindsay now.

Rogers said: “The whole redevelopment was best for the community and the students. It was important that each school was the right size for the success of the children and the school district.”

This fall, 243 Lindsay students will be transferred to new schools. 96 students will go to Northside Primary School, 70 – to Parkwood Primary School, six – to Westside Primary School.

“Last month, we held a meeting where the principals of the new schools met with the parents so they could have a meeting with them and ask questions,” Rogers said.

Peebles also said: “It’s just a transition because I don’t know how much they’re going to adapt to learning at another school, but I think it’s great that they’re going to have a community center so it can be a resource for students on throughout Houston County. “

Later this year the school district will make the building of the Student Support Center. It will be a place for early learning resources, mental health services and literacy support.

Two more district redistribution projects have also been approved in the district.

Some students at Westside Elementary School will be transferred to CB Watson Elementary School and Pearl Stevens Elementary School so “they can attend school with their friends at Warner Robins High School and Huntington High School,” Rogers said.

Also, some of Thompson’s students will now go to Northside High School and vice versa.

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