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Holi powder from Mumbai

“The Fabric of the Global University,” a new exhibition at the Notre Dame Raklin History Gallery, is on display until May 28, 2023 at the Museum of History in South Bend.

The exhibition, developed by Notre Dame International (NDI), describes the history of international education at the University of Notre Dame from its inception to the present day, focusing on the theme “Bringing the World to Notre Dame and Notre Dame Peace”.

It replaces “The Full Circle: Shakespearean Culture in Notre Dame,” which ended in January.

“The value of international students, faculty, visiting scholars and campus staff is immeasurable. Their influence on our community extends far beyond the Golden Dome to South Bend, St. Joseph County and all of Michiana, ”said Michael Pipenger, vice president and assistant vice rector for internationalization at Notre Dame. “At Notre Dame International, we are happy to tell stories that connect and inspire us, that help us learn from each other so that we can be a force for good in the world. We encourage visitors to immerse themselves in these stories and celebrate the thriving diversity that enriches our community. ”

Among the highlights of the exhibition:

  • Photos and objects from various centers and gateways included in the global network of Notre Dame, including a carnival hat and musical instruments from Latin America, Holly powder from Mumbai and pottery from Benedictine nuns in Kylemore Abbey in Ireland.
  • A chronology of international education in Notre Dame from the arrival of the first international student from Mexico in 1850 to the first study abroad program in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1964 and to the present day.
  • Souvenirs and other items, including a trophy and program (half in Japanese and half in English) from the first international game of the Irish football team Fighting Irish: Mirage Bowl 1979 against the University of Miami in Tokyo. Notre Dame won 40-15.
  • A video showcasing international students, faculty, staff and visitors, including members of the Mandela Washington Scholarship Program for young African leaders who interact with the local community through research and services.
  • Opportunity for visitors to answer the question “What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?” and take the quiz “What is your study program abroad?” Answers to the question of a citizen of the world will be included in the exhibition.
  • An original piece of fabric that combines fibers from around the world with crystals – one for each country represented in the current student body. Artist Nancy Brenner Sinot is a Notre Dame graduate.

“It’s really a privilege to work with the University of Notre Dame and Notre Dame International on an exhibition of this magnitude,” said Brian Harding, executive director of the Museum of History. “The university’s global connections are highly respected and extremely diverse. They reflect the mission of our museum to tell stories not only of our community, but also of the ways in which we welcome and appeal to the world. “The Fabric of the Global University” is a fine reflection of the University of Notre Dame.

Founded in 2010, Notre Dame International seeks to promote Notre Dame through international education, research and collaboration with global gateways and global hubs in Asia (Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai), the Middle East (Jerusalem), Ireland, Ireland and the UK (Dublin) Abbey, London), Italy (Rome), and South and Central America (Mexico, Santiago, Sao Paulo).

For more information, visit international.nd.edu.

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