HexClad’s Cutting-Edge Innovation Continues With Premium Japanese Damascus Steel Knives

The cutlery line is the first kitchenware extension tested and approved by partner Gordon Ramsey

LOS ANGELES, February 15, 2022 / PRNewswire / – HexClad, the fastest growing cookware brand in America, announced today the launch of its premium line of Japanese Damascus steel cutlery, the company’s first expansion in the kitchenware industry. The cutlery collection, which has been in development for almost three years, has been refined by HexClad co-founders Daniel Wiener and Cole McRae together with a company partner and a Michelin-starred chef, Gordon Ramsey.

Each knife, available in 6-piece kits and 4-piece steaks, combines vibrant aesthetics and a well-balanced weight with the best materials to ensure they not only deliver unmatched sharpness, complete design and cutting power, but also make bold statements. about design … the signature of the award-winning brand. All blades are made of 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel to provide incredible hardness (60 according to the Rockwell rating) and a sharper edge for easy cutting. Their excellent strength and balance coincide with the bright Damascus wavy pattern on the blade and rare forest green handles of pakkawada that stand out in any kitchen.

“You can’t rush to perfection. We spent years developing these knives, rigorously refining and testing to make sure they cut. It was important for us to create a powerful, versatile and beautiful set to make consumers feel the high-performance and high design they expect from HexClad, ”he said Danny Wiener.

“These knives cut so smoothly that it’s unbelievable. Whether you’re cooking vegetables, slicing bread or making shrimp, every time it’s the perfect cut. From the professional to the home industry, I’ve always said that good cooking starts with knives. ‘are the best in business,’ “he said Gordon Ramsey.

A set of 6 parts (MSRP $ 499) includes everything you need for cooking:

  • 8-inch chef’s knife: The powerful and versatile chef’s knife has a surprisingly sharp cutting edge that tapers to a precise tip. With an ergonomic handle and perfect balance you will easily chop hard vegetables or finely chop proteins.

  • 8 “serrated bread knife: The bread knife cuts the crusts without chopping them and then slides over the fragile inside. Wide teeth provide traction and smooth cutting, whether you cut a handmade loaf of bread a day ago or sculpt a sponge cake straight from the oven.

  • Santoku 7-inch knife: A true triple threat, the santoku knife makes it easy to slice, dice and mince. With a shorter blade than a chef’s knife, it is ideal for fast and accurate cutting. The wide face and sheepskin design (meaningless) also make it great for scooping up ingredients.

  • 5-inch knife: The versatile knife makes an incredibly sharp edge in smaller and extremely convenient form factors. Whether you’re slicing protein, herbs or a sandwich, this knife will be a kitchen workhorse that is easy for beginners to handle and master for experts.

  • 3.5-inch knifeA: From cleaning and slicing small fruits and vegetables to cutting shrimp, our pruning knife sets the bar for precise work. Short blade but long capabilities, it gives complete confidence and control in the palm of your hand.

  • 9-inch rod: Hold the edge with a HexClad honing rod. It’s perfectly normal for premium blades, even made of Japanese Damascus steel, to feel less smooth over time. Occasionally honing helps align the microscopic “teeth” of the knife edge for optimal cutting performance.

Made to the same stringent standards as the HexClad chef’s knife, a set of 4-piece steak knives (MSRP $ 299) is a must for those who appreciate the perfect cut. They sharpen any person’s home cooking, effortlessly slicing any protein.

Since launching in 2017, HexClad has sold more than 1 million units of its patented hybrid cookware in North America. HexClad’s patented innovative technology produces a unique hybrid version of stainless steel and non-stick, providing consumers with the best of both worlds. Distinctive and patented hexagon with laser etching is attractive, durable and high performance, suitable for chefs of all levels. In addition to the new cutlery collection, the product line includes pans, pots, wok and grills of various sizes and combination sets. HexClad, designed for life, is safe for metal utensils, safe in the oven, dishwasher safe and PFOA free. Apart from the US, HexClad can now be ordered at Mexico, Canada, South Korea and most recently, the UK.

HexClad tableware and cutlery is available nationwide exclusively at HexClad.tav.

HexClad, launched in 2017, is the only true hybrid cookware available today. Manufactured using a sophisticated patented hexagon with laser etching that combines the best of stainless steel with a non-stick surface, HexClad is designed to last a lifetime. Durable three-layer design provides uniform heating and is compatible with all induction, gas, ceramic and electric stoves. HexClad is dishwasher safe and oven safe, scratch resistant and PFOA chemical free. The brainchild of master chefs Daniel Wiener and Cole McRaeHexClad is designed and distributed by Downtown Los Angeles. In 2021, Hexclad announced a partnership with a chef who has many Michelin stars Gordon Ramsey. Star c Hell’s kitchen, Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted, and Master Chef Jr. and Next level chef will serve as the brand’s chief ambassador, actively involved in product development, branding and growth strategies.

Renowned chef, restaurateur, TV presenter and author Gordon Ramsey signed a deal in 2019 with private investment company Lion Capital to expand its restaurant concepts in the US, where the company currently has 13 restaurants Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Lake Tahoe and Kansas City, some of which work in partnership with Caesars Entertainment. Gordon Ramsey in North America is expanding the concept of lunches, including outdoor and takeaway, as the company uses several Gordon Ramsey successful American and international key brands, including Gordon Ramsey Fish and chips, Pizza on Gordon Ramsey Street, Gordon Ramsey Steak and Hell’s Kitchen. In addition to Gordon Ramsay restaurants in North America, there are 40 international restaurants in the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants portfolio worldwide, where Gordon Ramsey has a total of 7 Michelin stars.

Known for his highly successful and award-winning original programming, the Emmy-nominated and BAFTA Award-winning Ramsey is filming a TV show on both sides of the Atlantic that is seen by viewers worldwide in more than 200 territories, and is the only talent to air in the US with four national shows in prime time. He is also the lead and executive producer of NEXT LEVEL CHEF, HELL’S KITCHEN, MASTERCHEF, MASTERCHEF JUNIOR and GORDAN RAMSI 24 HOURS BEFORE HELL AND BACK, in addition to special events, including 2021. “Gordon Ramsey The American Journey.

Ramsay and Fox Entertainment recently announced their world-leading studio Ramsay Global to develop, produce and distribute culinary and lifestyle programs for FOX, Tubi and global markets. His former multimedia production company Studio Ramsay was launched in the UK in 2016 to create and develop unrecorded, digital and scripted programming, focusing on new formats and innovative programming as well as educating new talent. His shows include GORDAN RAMSI 24 HOURS BEFORE HELL AND BACK, which was the highest rated food show of 2019; “The F-Word Live With Gordon Ramsay”; “Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted ”, on the National Geographic channel, which is broadcast in 172 countries and 43 languages ​​worldwide; BAFTA rating and nomination “Journey of Gordon, Gene and Fred” for ITV;Gordon Ramsey Bank Balance “, on BBC1; the daytime culinary series” Culinary Genius “, which premiered on ITV in the UK and was syndicated on FOX stations in the US; the ITV series” The Savoy “and” Gordon on Cocaine “; and the very popular children’s series “Matilda and the Ramsey Family”, starring Tilly Ramsey for the British children’s channel CBBC.

Ramsay Global Digital Division is behind all of Ramsey’s original content on its highly successful YouTube channel, making Ramsey the most popular chef on the platform. The channel, which is dominated by 18-34 years old, has launched a trendy series of interviews “Scrambled” and is behind the very successful “Ramsay in 10”, which was broadcast live during the global pandemic COVID-19. Ramsay Global Digital monitors and creates content for all the behind-the-scenes moments of Studio Ramsay’s linear programming, creates content for National Geographic and workshops, and creates content for recipes in Gordon’s 80 million reach on social media, including his TikTok account.

Ramsay Studios was behind the daytime culinary series Culinary Genius, which premiered on ITV in the UK and was syndicated on FOX stations in the US; ITV series “Gordon on Cocaine”; and FOX “The F-Word Live With Gordon Ramsay”. Very popular children’s series “Matilda and the Ramsey Family” starring Tilly Ramsey for the British children’s channel CBBC, also produced by Ramsay Studios.

Ramsey is also an executive producer Lock “Best New Restaurant” and the Food Network Wars competition series. In the UK, he made the films “Gordon Ramsey Behind Bars” and “The Great Escape of Gordon” for Channel 4; Biography of Food and Nostalgia TV Series »My kitchen“for UKTV’s Good Food Channel; and two culinary training series,” Ultimate Home Cooking “and” Ultimate Cookery Course “, for Channel 4.

For more information, visit www.gordonramsay.com or follow Gordon Ramsey in Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

Gordon Ramsey with premium Japanese Damascus steel knives HexClad

(PRNewsfoto / HexClad)

(PRNewsfoto / HexClad)



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