Has Anything Worse Ever Happened to American Education?

Social distance in the classroom of St. Benedict’s School in Montebello, California, July 14, 2020 (Lucy Nicholson / Reuters)

From kindergarten to graduate school, there is now “anti-racism,” which tells students that we need to fundamentally rebuild society so that we can enjoy “justice,” which means that all racial groups are treated “fairly”. In essence, this is a demand to replace freedom with state control.

In today’s Martin Center article, Professor John Stedon discusses the harm this cult inflicts.

He writes: “The concept of Fr.ntyracism now dominates all levels of education, from children’s to university. In a previous article, I described how the president of the American Association for Educational Research (AERA) in 2017 addressed teachers, pointing out that teaching math to children poses a racist threat by playing a set of videos to highlight its topic, regardless of improvements in rigor , class debates, etc. may happen: “We are still at an incredibly high risk of perpetuating racism and marginalization when they infiltrate our classes.” Many will be surprised to learn that math education is about racism. ”

Well, if you’re surprised, you didn’t pay attention because racism is now to blame for everything bad in the world. Many supposedly professional organizations have adopted this concept. Diligent and thieves have a field day.

Citing an article by two researchers from the University of North Carolina, Stedon concludes: “This work is not a science, but the destructive sentimentality against which Theodore Dalrymple spoke so eloquently. Bruno and Iruka, following the example of Candy and others, allowed their sympathy for black children to push back the mind and thus devotion to science. Unfortunately, they are not alone in education. All we can say for sure is that if this trend continues, it will be catastrophic for both the social sciences and education. ”

That’s right. All students must meet high academic standards. Lowering them for some in the name of “justice” will hurt them, not help.

George Leaf is the Director of Editorial Content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.

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