H-E-B celebrates 20 years of Excellence in Education Awards with new Creamy Creations Flavor

ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – HEB celebrates the 20th anniversary of the HEB Excellence in Education Awards with a new flavor of Creamy Creations. Ice cream with “Education Heroes” icing flavored with pieces of cake and rainbow powders is due to arrive at HEB stores across Texas on February 14th. The band will be available in both half-gallon and pint sizes.

Expanding its support for educators across Texas, HEB is donating 10 percent of the proceeds from the holiday fragrance to DonorsChoose to help fulfill the wish lists of Texas teachers in the classroom.

The celebration of the 20th anniversary will culminate in the annual HEB in Excellence in Education Awards on April 30, 2022 in Austin, Texas, where $ 430,000 will be awarded to teachers, principals, school districts, school boards and preschool education centers.

About the HEB Excellence in Education Awards

In 2002, HEB launched an education awards program in collaboration with the Texas Association of School Administrators as a positive way to support public education in Texas. It has become the largest cash program for educators in the state, highlighting best practices and celebrating the passion and creativity of Texas faculty.

HEB asks customers, partners (employees) and community members to nominate teachers, principals, districts, childcare facilities and school boards in Texas. Each candidate is invited to complete an application online, and is asked about their professional experience, educational philosophy, and accomplishments both in and out of class.

The team of judges is considering the applications, narrowing the field to the semifinalists. From this pool, five regional judging panels, consisting of former winners, administrators, and leaders of universities and non-HEB-affiliated communities, select 40 teachers and major finalists. Finalists and their schools receive a cash prize of $ 1,000 to $ 2,500, depending on the category.

Three separate groups select eight school districts and five children’s institutions as finalists, awarding cash prizes ranging from $ 2,500 to $ 5,000. Up to five school boards can also be recognized and awarded $ 5,000 for the area they serve. In addition, one or more school boards may receive a special judge award totaling up to $ 25,000. Visits are made to determine the winners.

Teachers and major finalists are invited to compete at the state level for larger cash prizes totaling more than $ 400,000. The General Jury, not affiliated with HEB, conducts a personal interview with each finalist to select the winners.

Eight winners – two principals and six teachers – were announced along with two school districts, one large and one small, a public school board and a preschool, for a gala dinner.

Each winning principal – one elementary school and one high school – receives $ 10,000 in cash for themselves and a $ 25,000 grant for their schools. The large winning school district receives a cash prize of $ 100,000 and the small winning school district receives $ 50,000. The winning child institution will receive $ 25,000, and the school board may receive up to $ 25,000.

The six winning teachers include one primary school teacher and one secondary school teacher in each of the three categories:

  • Rising Star Award – rewards only promising teachers with less than 10 years of experience. Each of these winners will receive a check for $ 5,000 and a grant of $ 5,000 for their schools.
  • Leadership Award – Honors teachers with 10 to 20 years of experience. Each of these teachers will receive a $ 10,000 check for themselves and a $ 10,000 grant for their schools.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – congratulates teachers with more than 20 years of experience. Each of these teachers will receive $ 25,000 in cash for themselves and a $ 25,000 grant for their schools.

About HEB

HEB with sales of $ 32 billion operates more than 420 stores in Texas and Mexico. Known for its innovations and community service, HEB celebrates its 116th anniversary this year. Recognized for its fresh products, quality products, convenient services and commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, HEB strives to provide the best customer experience and the lowest prices. HEB, based in San Antonio, has more than 137,000 partners in Texas and Mexico and serves millions of customers in more than 300 communities.

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