Fend and Arrow Electronics, Inc. to Help U.S. Government Agencies Pre-empt Cyberattacks With Next-Generation Diode Tech

Fend data diodes provide a physical barrier to cyberattacks.

Fend Incorporated today announced a new relationship with the public sector practice of Arrow Electronics, immixGroup.

Arlington, Virginia, USA, February 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – Fend Incorporated announced today a new relationship with Arrow Electronics public sector practices, immixGroup, that will provide next-generation cybersecurity technology to government agencies. immixGroup will start offering Fend data diodes hardware and Fend cloud services through various GWAC contract vehicles.

Loud attacks on critical infrastructure last year have challenged operators to stay one step ahead of rivals. Vulnerabilities affecting IT systems, such as Log4j, have spread to increasingly connected industry management systems in private and public homes. Keeping up with the latest cybersecurity threats can be a challenge for operational asset managers if outdated equipment cannot receive fixes due to potential functional changes or warranty issues.

Fend provides an easy and affordable way to reduce cybersecurity risks with one-way communication diodes that customers can use to physically block attempts to exploit known vulnerabilities. Fend was recently awarded the “Project of the Year” under the Environmental Safety Technology Certification Program, which tested cybersecurity and communication capabilities of the equipment.

Federal contractors and government agencies interested in using one-way communication diodes for physical protection against cyber attacks and exploiting vulnerabilities should contact Fend at sales@fend.tech.

About Fend Inc.
Fend physically protects your connected equipment from cyberattacks and ransomware. Fend provides a broad level of safety that was once reserved for nuclear power plants, thanks to significantly improved usability and a fraction of the cost of previous-generation technology. To learn more about Fend one-way communication diodes, visit: https://fend.tech/products.

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