Epirus Unveils Portable HPM Leonidas™ Pod, Expanding Advanced Electronic Warfare Product Portfolio

LOS ANGELES – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Epirus, the pioneer of the world’s most powerful phased array lattice, announced today the launch of Leonidas Pod, the market’s first high-power solid-state microwave oven (HPM) and the company’s latest addition to advanced electronic warfare (EW) solutions.

The Epirus Leonidas product family uses software-defined HPM technology to unleash the unprecedented potential of EW. Leonidas ground systems provide a 360-degree defensive operational base against incoming threats. The recently introduced Leonidas Pod allows you to perform a number of mission capabilities and, with multiple mounting options for maximum portability, can move directly to the threat environment. When the Leonidas is deployed together with the Leonidas Pod mounted on the drone, the systems work in unison to achieve greater power and range and create a multi-layered force field of defense.

Epirus’ Leonidas systems are not limited by store depth or capacity and offer a much more cost-effective solution to counter electronic threats compared to kinetic approaches, which can cost millions in a single munition. Epirus HPM achieves fast shooting at any target with almost instant effect, without recharging and overheating. Both Leonidas and Leonidas Pod are compatible in design, and their scalability allows them to be continuously integrated with partner systems in support of a fully integrated anti-electronics chain.

Leonidas Pod has a unique form factor that is unprecedented in size and portability, and is able to turn on and off in minutes rather than hours to respond quickly to changing threats. In addition, the extended battery life of the system allows users to transfer Leonidas Pod directly to the threat zone, regardless of domain, and safely return to base. For example, when installing a drone, the Leonidas Pod standby mode allows operators to flexibly activate the system only when needed and further extend battery life.

“Epirus’ revolutionary approach to energy management has opened groundbreaking electronic warfare systems to fill immediate gaps in opportunities. With the continued advancement of Leonidas and now with the rapid commercialization of Leonidas Pod, Epirus continues to prove that long-term innovation should not take decades, ”he said. Andy Lowry, Director of Products, Epirus. “We look forward to working with our partners as we continue to succeed the mission, support critical national security efforts and enter new markets.”

Leonidas Pod marks the next chapter of Epirus innovation and complements a wide range of company security solutions for government and commercial applications. In 2020, the company introduced its own the Leonidas terrestrial system – the only counter-electronic weapon with proven swarm capabilities against drones and precision strikes. During three very successful field demonstrations in 2021, Leonidas achieved a positive effect on both rotary and unmanned aerial vehicles in a number of real-time scenarios. During his last demonstration, Leonidas successfully disabled the outboard ship engine, consolidating the wider capabilities of the anti-electronic system and accelerating the effects of stopping the ship to increase maritime support.

Today’s post comes after a series of recent Epirus victories. In December 2021, the company received a multimillion-dollar contract with the Agency for Advanced Defense Research Projects (DARPA) to develop software that can more accurately predict the behavior of electromagnetic signals. The following month, in January 2022, Epirus was one of four companies selected to the Solider Power Cohort lab when using the military to develop intelligent energy management solutions for the U.S. military.

Epirus will participate in 32and The annual Western AFCEA Conference in San Diego, California (February 16-18, 2022) to demonstrate large-scale prototypes of Leonidas and Leonidas Pod in Stand 2241. The company is set to deliver its third terrestrial article Leonidas this year, with new features, more power and improved counter-electronics effects.

About Epirus:

Epirus is a high-tech technology company that develops solid-state, software-labeled directional energy systems that deliver unprecedented counter-electronic effects and power management solutions to optimize energy efficiency in defense and commercial applications. Constantly focusing on innovation, we are reviewing the future of power to realize the possibilities of tomorrow today. And this is just the beginning. Visit our website to learn more about our innovative approach and advanced product lines.

For more information on Epirus solutions or to request interviews with experts on the topic, contact media@epirusinc.com. High-resolution objects can be downloaded here.

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