EKU offers tuition discount for grad programs in education  

A program designed to encourage teachers to expand their careers

RICHMAND, Kentucky (WTVQ / EKU Public Affairs) The University of East Kentucky is offering active Kentucky teachers a preferential tuition rate for graduate students in gratitude for their dedicated youth ministry. A reduced tuition fee of $ 395 per credit hour will be available to teachers in the following areas:

  • The Master of Teaching is for students who are active Kentucky teachers and choose to teach through Option 6 certification during this initial certification program
  • Master of Arts degree in education
  • Education Specialist
  • Teaching approvals and adding new certificates

Applications for the summer semester are accepted until May 1.

The discount does not apply to doctoral programs in education, a master’s degree in communication disorders or a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. The regular tuition fee of $ 510 per hour of credit will apply to students who do not currently teach or do not teach outside of Kentucky.

“Teachers are an integral part of the success and well-being of our communities,” said EKU President David McFaddin. “Whether we stay late to mentor a student who is lagging behind or deliver food to district families during a health crisis, our teachers are unmatched and we want to do our best to help them achieve their goals. EKU trains upscale educators for teaching and administrative roles in its local areas and beyond. ”

“Our faculty give so much and really strive to go above all for their students,” said Dr. Sherry Powers, Dean of EKU College of Education. “We want to do our best to help them with the financial challenges of continuing education and help them achieve their professional goals, be it promotion, new job opportunities or professional development.”

EKU alumni will benefit from:

  • Discount on tuition of $ 395 per credit hour
  • Free app
  • 100% online programs without campus visits and hybrid online programs / programs on campus
  • EPSB has approved training programs
  • Accelerated eight-week deadlines
  • Preparing for a promotion in Kentucky and increasing salary potential
  • The core curriculum was aimed at training teachers as leaders in gaining experience in a chosen field
  • Personal counselors who stay with their students from application to graduation

EKU is an accredited institution that has been offering online degree programs since 2006. For more information on 100 percent online programs, click here: go.eku.edu/KYteacher.

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