Digi-Key Electronics to Host RVfpga Webinar on RISC-V Architecture and Implementation

The RVfpga webinar will discuss in detail the internal workings of the RISC-V processor core and how to implement a soft RISC-V processor core in a target (Xilinx) FPGA device. Dr. Harris will embrace the fundamental knowledge that the next generation of programmers and engineers should harness the potential of RISC-V, including how to do the following:

  • Direct commercial RISC-V core (SweRV EH1) and on-chip system (SoC) for FPGA
  • Program the RISC-V SoC
  • Add more functionality to the RISC-V SoC
  • Analysis and modification of the RISC-V kernel and memory hierarchy

“We are pleased to present this RVfpga webinar, as it will be an excellent resource on RISC-V for our clients and the community,” said J.K. Wang, director of the global academic program Digi-Key. “This presentation will help the next generation of programmers and engineers better understand how to use and experiment with the rich array of RISC-V products we have in stock.”

“RISC-V will cover all levels of computing over the next decade,” he said Robert Owen, Principal Consultant: Global University Technology Program Imagination Technologies. “This course provides students with the necessary knowledge of architecture and then brings them to life through fun and instructive labs using real-world implementations.”

“RISC-V is open source and unlicensed, and I’m excited to share how this relatively new computer technology is ushering in a new era of processor innovation at this RVfpga webinar,” Dr. Harris said. “I look forward to new innovations engineers and manufacturers can develop with this more affordable version of open architecture.”

Sarah Harris received a master’s degree and a doctorate. on Stanford University. She is the co-author of three popular textbooks: Digital Design and Computer Architecture, 2nd Edition (2007), ARM Edition (2015) and RISC-V Edition (2021). Her research interests include computer architecture and the application of embedded systems and machine learning to biomedical engineering and robotics.

To participate in the webinar, submit a registration form. If you are unable to attend the webinar live, Digi-Key will send an entry after the event to those who register. The webinar will be presented in English.

For more information on RISC-V, visit the landing page of resources available in Digi-Key.

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