Danville Schools Director of Arts Education wins prestigious award

Dewey is the recipient of the Governor’s Award in the Arts in the field of art education

DENWIL, Kentucky (WTVQ / Press Release) – Jane Dewey, Director of Art Education for Danville’s Independent Schools, received the 2021 Educational Award at the Governor’s Arts Award. The Education Award is one of the nine categories of the most prestigious arts award in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Arts Council annually accepts nominations for awards and recommends the governor to the awardees. News of the virtual ceremony of awarding the winners of the Governor’s Prize in Arts 2021

Each year, the Kentucky Arts Council commissions artists in the state to create works of art that will reward recipients. The artist for the 2021 awards was a glass artist from Jefferson County Ann Clem.

Dewey has held positions at Danville schools for 22 years and has been involved in art education for 27 years.

She was nominated for the award by colleagues across the country.

“It is a great honor that they consider me so highly that they have included me in the pool of people and art teachers who have received this award in the past. Their work is at such a high level that it’s great to think about them with other people. “

She said: “It’s just an amazing honor to receive this award. You don’t always think about the value of the work you do when you do it – you do it. And it’s for students, and for society, and for schools, and for your area, and to admit it’s just great. “

Dewey arrived in the area after renovating the Gravely Hall Performing Arts Center. The county decided to hire a consultant, and Dewey was asked what she sees in the job. So Dewey came to Danville and built for herself the position of Director of Arts Education.

At the time, one of her guiding instructions was to turn Gravely Hall into a space that was constantly used by students, for students. The center went from being open to gaming performances from time to time, to having about 30,000 people attend and come out during the school year.

“My guideline is always to create opportunities for art for students,” Dewey said. “Give students more art – the more art, the better. That’s what I’m doing. “

Among other responsibilities, Dewey conducts theater classes, coordinates arts integration throughout the district, writes and implements grants, and plays a role in developing projects to engage hundreds of students in artistic activities and learning. She builds relationships with alumni who return to Danville School of Arts programs and act as guest artists; she helps organize the Frank X Walker Literary Festival each year, as well as visiting students at the Norton Arts Center Central College and the Arts Center at Central College. Bluegrass and more.

“This award, in honor of my work – and I am very grateful for that – also honors the work of many people in our state who are doing really great work in the arts,” she said.

She said she is grateful to work with her colleagues across the county who are involved in art education, from elementary level at Mary G. Hogsett Elementary School to teachers at Danville High School.

She said about the award: “It covers art education in our state. It shows how important it is. “

During all the years of work in the district, she said one thing that has not changed is the district’s commitment to fine and performing arts.

“It’s about what we can give our students so that by moving forward, they end up becoming really productive and interested citizens,” she said.

“I love Danville Schools,” she said. “Both of my kids graduated from Danville Schools, and both had great opportunities at Danville Schools that led them to where they are. And it’s not just my kids. This is every child. And we continue to look for ways to do better. ”

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