CompTIA ISAO and IT-ISAC Urge Technology Companies to Elevate Cybersecurity Monitoring, Readiness in Response to Rising Geopolitical Tensions | News

DOWNERS GROVE, IL. and Manassas, Virginia, February 15, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Technology companies must take immediate steps to reconsider their readiness in the field of cybersecurity to strengthen protection against potential cyberattacks arising from growing geopolitical tensions around the world, called today two leading technology organizations.

“We think it’s wise to prepare for and plan for destructive cyberattacks.”

CompTIA Information Exchange and Analysis Organization (CompTIA ISAO) and Information Technology – Information Exchange and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC) said companies should take immediate steps to review and, if necessary, update their cybersecurity protections and prepare for possible consequences. cyberattacks sponsored by the nation state.

“Although we do not have any information that indicates a specific threat, we believe that we should all be on high alert,” said M.J. Schoer, Chief CompTIA Officer and Executive Director of CompTIA ISAO. “We urge technology companies to step up monitoring of their networks, as well as their customers and partners for suspicious activity.”

Companies need to prepare for a number of potential cyberattacks, including attacks on corporate networks; the customer networks they protect; networks of key partners or suppliers; critical infrastructure sectors; and platforms used by individual citizens.

“We don’t intend to be overly anxious,” Shur said. “We do not predict that the enemy of the nation state will make a significant cyber attack. But it is wise to prepare and plan for the possibility of destructive cyberattacks. “

Executive Director of IT-ISAC Scott Algiers He added: “The actors of the nation-state have a long history of attacks on critical US infrastructure. We must be prepared for them to deploy additional opportunities in times of heightened tensions and potential conflict.”

The CompTIA ISAO and IT-ISAC teams will continue to provide updated reports and share new threat information as it becomes available.

IT-ISAC members use the IT-ISAC intelligence management platform, ad-attack textbooks, and secure collaboration channels to share threat information.

CompTIA ISAO members are invited to monitor and share information through the organization’s cyberforum. CompTIA ISAO has also opened a public topic to assist the entire industry in discussing and responding to any attacks that may be the result of current tensions. This resource is available to everyone by visiting

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