CHP Seeks $15M Budget Bump for New Technology

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is asking to increase the request by $ 15 million in its budget for the next fiscal year to fund increased IT spending.

The Budget Amendment Proposal (BCP) requires that this amount be included in the state budget for fiscal year 2022-23, which lawmakers will consider as part of the May budget revision, which is the final step towards adopting the budget. If approved, the one-time allocation will come from the state’s transportation account and take effect on July 1 or after the adoption of the state budget for fiscal 2022-2023.

“As the CHP continues to improve the services and security of California’s civilian population through the introduction of new technologies and programs, the department has experienced an increase in information technology spending,” the BCP summary said.

“Baseline costs for these technologies include, but are not limited to, the department’s computer control system, network upgrades across the state, statewide wireless installations, modem replacement, disaster recovery, privacy and risk management, cybersecurity assessment, threats and threats and Microsoft Office 365 licensing, ”says BCP.

In terms of how the money will be spent, BCP shows an increase in base spending of about $ 13.3 million – about 100 percent – over the past decade.

The CHP says it is “constantly updating” its IT infrastructure to increase network security, provide more online services to the public and provide officers with the necessary tools so they can spend more time patrolling.

In the BCP, the department expresses its argument about the costs:

“The department has invested in new cybersecurity and network monitoring tools that increase the security and performance of the department’s IT network. These cybersecurity tools prevent cybersecurity attacks that could compromise sensitive data and compromise a department’s ability to perform its critical duties. In line with government cloud computing policy, CHP is investing in cloud computing tools where possible, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management System, Palo Alto Traps Endpoint Protection and ServiceNow ticketing system.

“In addition,” says BCP, “Microsoft Azure cloud services have been implemented to allow the department to continue to perform its critical duties in the event of a catastrophic event.” Although cloud computing solutions increase accessibility and reduce some maintenance tasks for the department’s IT staff, they are extremely expensive and have greatly increased the department’s IT budget needs. To enable officers to perform patrol duties effectively, the department provides officers with tablets that help automate manual paper tasks and allow them to perform various duties more efficiently. ”

With a request of $ 15 million, $ 13.3 million will go to this technology. The remaining $ 1.7 million will go to “critical upgrades of outdated infrastructure or future projects under development,” the BCP said. “$ 1.7 million will go to modernizing the academy’s infrastructure and virtualizing departments and units.”

The BCP includes a chart detailing CHP’s technological costs in fiscal years 2012-13, 2016-17 and 2021-22, with articles.

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