CEOs of SPLK, XTMIF, SOFI and LQAVF Unleashing Disruptive Innovation and Explosive Revenue Growth in Metaverse, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Fintech

NEW YORK, February 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Wall Street Reporter, a name trusted in financial news since 1843, has published reports on the latest comments and opinions of executives: Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), XTM, Inc. (OTC: XTMIF) (CSE: PAID), Liquid Avatar (OTC: LQAVF) (CSE: LQID) and SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFI).

Modern new technologies and lifestyle megatrends open up trillions of dollars of market opportunities for disruptive innovations in the way we live, work and play. The Wall Street Reporter highlights the latest comments from industry leaders who are shaping our world today and in the coming decades:

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) Interim CEO Graham Smith: “Splunk is an extraordinary company”
“… Splunk is an extraordinary company … Our unrivaled scalable index is still an important and unique component of our platform. Over the years, we have relied on this index to offer an extensible data platform that provides tailor-made security and surveillance solutions that give tens of thousands of organizations the ability to break down disparities and explore, correlate and take action on data on an incredible scale. .. Splunk’s revenue grew from $ 450 million to nearly $ 3 billion in annual revenue, moving us to a future where every organization can harness the full power of its data … Our third-quarter performance was strong as we continued to provide high value for our customers around the world. The third quarter was Splunk’s first cloud quarter for $ 1 billion, with ARR reaching $ 1.1 billion and up 75% from the same period last year. It was our 11th consecutive quarter with ARR growth of over 70 percent. Our number of cloud bookings jumped to 68%, the highest in history. And our net dollar-based net content has risen to 130%. Total ARR increased by 37% compared to the same period last year, so Splunk is in a sparse group of multibillion-dollar companies, growing faster than 30% … “
Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) Highlights:

XTM, Inc. (OTC: XTMIF) (CSE: PAID) CEO Marilyn Schaffer: “Ready for Exponential Growth with $ 1 Trillion Market Opportunity”
CEO of XTM Inc., (OTC: XTMIF) (CSE: PAID) Marilyn Schaffer, host of the live broadcast of NEXT SUPER STOCK Wall Street Reporter, reports that XTMIF is set for exponential revenue growth as its restaurant platform expands to $ 1 tr. US hospitality and services market in the coming weeks.

XTMIF is a technology company in the field of non-banking services that provides mobile banking and payment solutions specializing in the hospitality, personal care and services industries throughout North America. The Today (™) app from XTMIF gives employees access to earned wages and tips the same day through a mobile wallet and app. Access to tips and wages on the same day is a critical advantage in today’s busy job market and gives restaurants and services a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining staff. XTMIF’s revenue is accelerating as more businesses use the fintech platform as a means of attracting and retaining staff.

CEO Marilyn Schaefer says XTMIF is poised for exponential growth in 2022 as it enters the U.S. market from Canada and is increasingly adapting to major restaurants and hospitality operators. Now revenues are increasing by 20-25% compared to the month. Marilyn shares that XTMIF’s revenue growth will be further turbocharged as it imposes additional services in the app as well as monetizes its large and growing user base. XTMIF is also looking forward to a number of strategic acquisitions in the tech space in the coming months.
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CEO of Liquid Avatar (OTC: LQAVF) (CSE: LQID) David Luckatch: “Metaverse Land Sales Grow!”
CEO of Liquid Avatar (OTC: LQAVF) (CSE: LQID) David Luckatch, live presenter of NEXT SUPER STOCK investors Wall Street Reporter, reports that sales of LQAVF digital land in the LQAVF metaverse are starting to increase. In recent months, LQAVF has received nearly $ 1 million from its Metaverse project, the Athermat Islands. LQAVF expects its revenue to have the potential for exponential scaling in the coming months as Metaverse draws attention.
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February 7 – LQAVF and Game Credits are launching the first-ever Multiverse Collective, a joint alliance that will allow independent Metaverses to share technical, business and marketing resources and create value among their members. Liquid Avatar Technologies (through its subsidiary Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited) and Game Credits (Genesis Worlds) are building their respective metaverses in an interoperable environment that involves collaborative development, marketing, compatibility, user authentication, proven collaboration and collaborative empowerment. the life cycle of each Metaverse, ensuring that users can enjoy a shared safe and secure experience. Users participating in connected Metaverses are really the next frontier in games.

February 3 – LQAVF announces that its controlled subsidiary, The metaworld of the Aftermath Islands Limited (“Aftermath Islands”) along with experienced, industrial and entertainment manager Howard Lefkovich, who led from its growth from $ 360,000 in annual sales to more than $ 400 million a year over a 10-year period, launched Vegas Island , a premium destination at Aftermath Islands Metaverse, a virtual island with an age limit that will allow attendees to buy virtual themed land, interact and enjoy entertainment, games and high rollers. Given the nature of the premium island and planned programs, a limited amount of virtual land is available for public sale, ranging from $ 100 per 1,000 m2 and starting at a price of up to $ 5,200 per mega-100 plot.

January 26th – LQAVF announces that its controlled subsidiary, The metaworld of the Aftermath Islands Limited (“Aftermath Islands”) launches its first mobile game Play to Earn (P2E) for account holders in the Aftermath Islands to support its future Metaverse. The Lost Kingdom of T’Sara (LKoT) is a fantastic adventure game, proof of work and betting that allows players to earn rewards by performing time and skills. Rewards include in-game Aftermath Island tokens, resources, rare items and other items that can be converted to NFT and used in the Metasworld for building, crafting and trading. This is the first economic initiative in the game for Aftermath Islands and will be free to play for all Aftermath Islands account holders. “The Lost Kingdom of T’Sara” is expected to launch in the early 2nd quarter of 2022.
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CEO of SoFi Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFI) Anthony Notta: “The strongest position ever in an ambitious long-term growth strategy”
“… The results we report demonstrate three things: first, our ability to continue to deliver record financial results, which is a testament to our diversified business and our ability to execute our long-term strategy. Second, our commitment is to consistently iterate and innovate to create products that are the best of their kind on a stand-alone basis and work even better when shared. And third, our ability to use data and training for more effective marketing and brand building, as we strive to make SoFi a trusted brand. Taken together, these things stimulate the constant growth of participants, products and cross-shopping …

“… Extensive revenue growth combined with the benefits of cross-purchasing and our continued focus on new operational efficiencies led to adjusted EBITDA in the third quarter of $ 10 million, which was positive EBITDA for the fifth consecutive quarter. Achieving record results allows us to invest in new products and features needed to deploy SoFi for long-term sustainable growth, we are committed to reinvesting $ 0.70 out of every extra dollar of income and lowering $ 0.30 to the bottom line as we scale our business. .. The third quarter was our second highest growth rate for both participants and products, the total number of participants increased by 96% compared to last year and amounted to 2.9 million. We added 377,000 new members, which is a surprising increase of 35% compared to the 279,000 new members we added in the second quarter … ”
Highlights of SoFi Technologies’ profits (NASDAQ: SOFI):

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