Anand Mahindra Praises Innovation That Converts Bicycle Into E-Bike

Mahindra group chairman Anand Mahindra has shown great interest in the innovative device created by Gursaurab Singh. The Dhruv Vidyut (DVECK) Singha’s Electric Conversion Kit can convert a base bike on the handlebars into a motorized battery-powered car that can move at a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

Innovative technology caught the attention of Anand Mahindra, who praised the innovative device in his Twitter. He shared a video of the DVECK kit on Twitter. Although this is not the first device in the world that allows you to ride a bike, it is still “great design”, – wrote Mahindra.

“Most of all, I appreciate his empathy and passion for those hard-working people for whom a modest bicycle remains the main mode of transport,” Mahindra said in a series of tweets on February 12.

The DVECK system converts a bicycle into an electric two-wheeled vehicle that will have a range of 40 kilometers and a payload of 170 kg. According to a video shared by Mahindra, the bike is fireproof and waterproof. Made of aviation aluminum, the device is stainless, lightweight and can work even on very dirty roads. Mahindra praised this durable quality of the device, saying he “loved working in the mud, making it an SUV”.

In addition to a USB charging port, the bike can reach 50 percent battery capacity by pedaling for 20 minutes.

“This is a good reminder to all automakers focusing on destructive EVs that this EV revolution may be the most important,” Mahindra wrote.

Expressing confidence in the device, Mahindra said it would certainly achieve commercial success or be “substantially profitable”. He expressed interest in investing in innovation, saying: “I will still be proud to be an investor” and asked his followers to help him connect me with Gursarab Singh.

Responding to Mahindra’s tweet, Singh tweeted via Dhruv Vidyut’s account: “My dream of getting this invention for 8 crore people across India is suddenly felt within reach.” Singh said he looks forward to meeting Mahindra, an industrialist who has always inspired and supported innovators like him.

(Edited by: Thomas Abraham)


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