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HUSTAN, February 15, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Emergent Technology & Payments (EmTech) completes acquisition of Aurin Investment Group (“Aurin”) Austria QENTA Payment CEE (“QENTA CEE”) and BamCard Bosnia and Herzegovina to accelerate global reach in payment processing. The deal further capitalizes on EmTech’s business, and Aurin takes a stake in the group.

The acquisition combines the existing business and experience of the QENTA CEE and BamCard management team with distributed ledger technology, tokenization and solutions in line with artificial intelligence-based requirements to bring together technologies that pave the way for end-user integrated, integrated and alternatives. transfers, business loan models and hedging.

QENTA CEE acquired the technological assets of Wirecard, one of the 30 most valuable German companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, before it filed for insolvency in 2020. With the new leadership, the payment service provider offers the latest non-cash payment processing technologies and support for international payment strategies adapted to sales sales channels.

Created by Bosnian banks to develop a common bank card infrastructure, BamCard develops cutting-edge products for card issuance and processing and provides a foothold in emerging markets. Eastern Europe.

“The payments industry is in the process of converging and shifting attention to big data; it is no longer just authorization, cleaning and payment, ”he said Brent de Jong, CEO and Chairman of EmTech. “EmTech brings together a technology platform that offers integrated payment processing solutions and connects supply chains and financial transaction compliance data. This acquisition increases our global footprint. ”

Kerim Chuaibi, CEO of QENTA CEE, said: “We are shaping transatlantic fintechnology that has the right solutions for the demands of a globalized and evolving financial world: we offer payment processing at the highest level of security that also enables small and medium companies in emerging markets to better access the world market. Together, our innovative fintech solutions will contribute to greater economic and social stability in emerging markets. ”

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Emergent Technology & Payments creates interconnected friction-free ecosystems to elevate citizens and commerce in the world. EmTech offers the technology infrastructure to integrate supply chains, risk management, payments, tokenization and conservation solutions for customers around the world.;;

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