Hite picked to teach and mentor senior education leaders at Yale

William Height, who will step down as head of the Philadelphia Public School in June, has been appointed the first residence head and head of the Yale University School of Business’s Extensive Center for the 2022-2023 academic year.

On July 1, he will also begin his new job as CEO of the national educational nonprofit KnowledgeWorks. It is unclear whether he will remain in Philadelphia.

In his position at Eli Height, he will lead content facilitation, where he will moderate discussions and present activities for the cohort in the Fellowship for Public Education Leadership program during the 2022-23 academic year.

Heath will also teach and support a master’s degree program in public education management and will be tasked with providing mentoring to members interested in district leadership roles.

The head of the school, who is leaving, said he would remain in office during the search process to find a replacement. When he announced his resignation in September, having worked for nearly a decade, Hight said he would remain in Philadelphia until the end of this school year.

Yale University leaders believed that Hayte’s experience in race and equity in the classroom made him a leader in scholarships.

“From his laser focus on equity and incorporation of innovative approaches to significant change in low-income communities, he has established himself as a model of transformational leadership,” said Hansel Kahn, assistant dean and executive director of The Broad Center at Yale Center. School of Management.

In 2020, Hight wrote an open letter to the school community, which has grown into an anti-racism program, the Equity Coalition, which is an inclusive group with participation that would provide guidance on what justice should be done in the area. These efforts are aligned with the school board’s strategic plan in its “goals and fences”.

“With COVID we were all virtual. We have seen that this is a trauma for many of our young people and for our city. Our management team has begun common work on equity; then we had the horrific murder of George Floyd, ”he said in an interview with Yale University last year. It was the last straw, he said then.

“His showy, inclusive and imaginative approach is very much in line with the Yale School of Management’s mission to educate leaders for business and society,” said Kervin K. Charles, Professor of Economics at Yale University.

Although Hight sought justice in the constituency, efforts to improve the admission electoral process were thwarted. In addition to the lottery, preference is given to students from the city’s five zip codes who have sent few students to elective schools. The goal of the new system is to make the demographics in the most prestigious schools more reflect the student population of the district, primarily blacks and Latinos. Applicants who meet the target zip code and select elective schools are accepted automatically.

But some angry parents say the new process has also caused problems, as some students this year have not received offers at selected schools.

The search to find a replacement for Heath is on schedule, according to the district. Following the announcement of the finalists next month, the school board is expected to invite final candidates to Philadelphia for a series of meetings where the public will have the opportunity to speak with them. The final announcement is expected in the spring.

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