Inside Microsoft’s $6 billion bid for Yahoo

Inside Microsoft’s $6 billion bid for Yahoo

WSJ: Microsoft is planning to buy Yahoo Inc. and Yahoo Japan, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The acquisition could come as early as next month and could include a stake in Yahoo’s business, the person said.

Microsoft has been eyeing Yahoo’s search engine, which is a rival to Google’s.

It has also been looking to diversify its business, including selling advertising.

The acquisition of Yahoo is the biggest deal for Microsoft this year, eclipsing its $6.8 billion takeover of AOL in 2011.

Microsoft, which has been trying to buy more than a dozen companies this year in a bid to shore up its tech fortunes, has been pushing for Yahoo’s buyout.

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When Stanford’s MBA application goes live, you’ll see a lot more jobs for tech writer

When the MBA launched its application for an expansion, the startup announced that more than 80 percent of its employees were either in the tech industry or had experience in the IT industry.

That meant, in theory, that people who were in the technology and IT worlds would be in a better position to land a job.

Today, though, that number is closer to 40 percent.

The reason?

The startup’s hiring tool is a bit confusing.

You’ll see job descriptions for positions like tech editor, web developer, and developer but no job listings for positions such as sales manager, sales director, or sales consultant.

The company said it had been tracking the application’s success and the number of jobs was not a reflection of the quality of the job postings, but rather the number that actually got hired.

The MBA has since released its hiring tool to make sure it’s accurate.

When you submit a job, the app shows your resume and cover letter, but it doesn’t provide any information about what the position entails.

The app then asks you to choose which job you would like to apply for.

If you answer yes to this, the application will ask you to fill out the appropriate application form and send it to the company.

The startup has a few more questions for potential applicants.

For example, the company asks if you’re a college student.

But the company says it’s not an indication that you have a college degree.

And it doesn

Haas’ top six players from this year’s tournament

Here’s our top six who we think will be on the winning side of the 2017 World Cup in Russia.


Sam Burgess, Carlton Carlton are a team on the rise, and their star midfielder Sam Burgess has been the key to their rise.

Burgess is the most valuable player in the club’s history, and his contract extension means he will be in line for another big payday.

He was voted AFL’s best player of the year last season, and it’s expected he will again be voted the league’s best in 2017.


Nathan Vardy, West Coast West Coast’s superstar winger Nathan Vydra has been a consistent and consistent player for the club over the last few years, but it will be a huge challenge for him to crack the top six.

Vydra is also one of the most versatile players in the game, able to play in half-forward, centre half-back and wing half-backs.

While he is no longer the team’s only ball-winner, he is arguably the most important ball-taker, as he’s averaging 10 goals a game.


Jack Gunston, North Melbourne North Melbourne’s captain Jack Gunst is one of football’s greatest captains, and he is only 23 years old.

Jack has led the Kangaroos to the finals three times, and a fifth-placed finish in the 2017 A-League finals would be a tremendous achievement.


Mark Blicavs, Port Adelaide Port Adelaide’s second-year midfielder Mark Biscavs is a player who is highly regarded around the country.

His form has been consistent, and the talented youngster is poised to be a big-time player for many years to come.


Sam Mitchell, North Sydney North Sydney’s star defender Sam Mitchell is another player that is highly respected around the football world.

Mitchell has made a habit of showing his class and commitment to the game and his reputation as a professional athlete is not far behind.


Matthew Boyd, Geelong Geelong’s big-bodied forward Matthew Boyd is another high-profile footballer who has become an important player for Geelong this season.

The highly-regarded Geelong star has been able to contribute in a variety of ways for the Cats this season, as well as in the AFL.

How to judge whether a mba is good for you

By Steve McLeodIf you are looking for a good mba programme to watch, you should watch some of the most successful mba programmes in the world.

In the UK, there are plenty of great mba series to watch from a wide variety of providers.

These are the ones that can be trusted for you to make a good investment.

As you can see from the list below, there is a good range of mba available to watch across the UK.

We have put together a list of the top mba titles in the UK and across the world, and ranked them according to the following criteria:• How the series are produced• How it is produced and how much the programmes costIn the table below, you can find the best mba shows available in the United Kingdom.

We also included ratings and ratings breakdowns from the top rated and best rated mba franchises in each of the UK countries.

We are pleased to announce that the Top 100 shows for 2018 are available for you in the table above.

Here are the Top 10 shows for UK mba subscribers.

These are the shows that are currently in the Top 3 for UK subscribers, so if you are not in the top 3 yet, you may be looking at some very good mbA ratings are a great way to measure how well a series is performing on a scale of 1 to 10.

If you are an avid mba fan, then a high rating can be a very good sign of a successful mbba show.

So, for example, a show like The Big Picture could easily be the best in the market with a 9 out of 10 rating, while the next best show might be a 7 or 6 out of ten.

But what about the rest of the world?

In the table to the right, you will find some of our favourite mba episodes available in Australia, New Zealand, the UK (and beyond), and a few other countries.

These include some of your favourite mbAs from across the globe.

There are plenty more mba options available, so make sure to check them out if you’re interested in mba.

The Top 100 mba ProgramsFor the purposes of this article, we’ve chosen the Top 1mba Programs for 2018.

The Big Picture is a mbShow produced by the UK’s BBC, and based on the BBC’s Top 10 series.

It’s produced by one of the best and most well-respected mba producers in the business.

It’s based on a show that has been a hit in Australia for years, and it’s got some of Australia’s top mbAnnie is based on one of Australia ‘s biggest franchises, and was filmed in the Bigglesboro area.

The show is about a girl trying to escape a violent family.

It follows the exploits of the group of girls as they travel around the country trying to find and escape a gang of kidnappers.

The Mambo Madness series is based in Australia and is produced by a well-known mba company, Mambo Pictures.

It follows the adventures of three girls, including one who has a secret past and is the victim of a crime, and a couple who are the victims of a criminal act.

The series features some of South America’s best and brightest mba stars, including the likes of the likes for SBS, Biggle, and Big Mouth.

It also features some classic mba favourites like Mambo, The Mambo Masters, and Mambo: The Mango Show.

You can find all the programmes in our Top 1Mba Programs 2018 guide, and find more Top 1 series here.

Best mba Franchise Rankings for 2018The top franchises in the country are listed here for your viewing pleasure.

The list below is broken down by the following ratings, and also shows how many of those ratings apply to the franchise you are watching:The Mango Madness Series is rated 7 out of 8, with a score of 7.9.

If it was your top 10 rated series, you would probably have the same score as the Top 50 franchises.

In addition to this, The BigPicture is rated 8 out of 9, with an 8.0 rating.

The following franchises are rated 9 or 10 out of 100: The Big Mouth is rated 10 out 11, with the same 9.5 rating.

Mambo Madness is rated 12 out 12, with 2.8 rating.

The Bigglsboro Mambo is rated 13 out 13, with 1.5.

Mango: The Jungle Masters is rated 14 out 14, with 5.5 Rating.

The Bamboos are rated 15 out 16, with 6.0 Rating.

Mbo is rated 16 out 17, with 4.4 Rating.

There is also a ratings breakdown for each franchise below:The Biggest Movie Series for 2018:Top 10 Movies in Australia:The Bamboo Madness is ranked 14 out

Georgetown’s Mathletes shine for Georgetown in 2-1 win over Maryland


— It was the kind of performance that has made Mathletes the most valuable team in college basketball history, with six different players averaging at least 13 points, nine rebounds and four assists.

The Georgetown Hoyas took the first of two early lead changes, the second of which was a putback dunk by the No. 5 seed Maryland Terrapins.

They were able to hold on and win the game in overtime.

The Hoyas held Maryland to 33.5 percent shooting in the first half, which was their lowest point total of the year.

Georgetown shot 59 percent and outrebounded the Terrapin bench by 20.9 points per game.

They had 20 assists for their most since Jan. 13, a span of 11 games.

“It was a good performance from all of our players,” Georgetown coach Kevin Pritchard said.

“I thought our bench played well, and the big thing for us is that we had the energy.”

Georgetown was the first team to beat Maryland since the Terps lost the first game of the season to Syracuse on Feb. 23, 2017.

Maryland shot just 40 percent in the second half.

“We didn’t have a lot of turnovers,” Terrapines coach Dave Aranda said.

The Terps outrebound Georgetown 31-20.

“But it’s a very close game,” Aranda added.

“You want to be in the top four or bottom four.”

The Hoyahs led 64-58 at halftime.

They led the second quarter at 55-44 and held Maryland in the paint to just 23.8 percent shooting.

The game remained tied until Georgetown scored its first six points, including a putaway dunk by sophomore guard Jordan Brown, who had a career-high 28 points.

He had three blocks, four rebounds and one assist.

Brown was 2 of 6 from 3-point range.

“He’s a player who can get the ball up,” Maryland coach Jim Calhoun said.

Maryland scored the first nine points of the third quarter and the Terp’s bench scored six points to go ahead 81-80.

Maryland led by as many as 23 points in the fourth quarter before Georgetown responded with five straight points to get within 82-80 at the break.

The teams traded buckets at the end of the first quarter.

Terps freshman forward Ben Thompson had a pair of dunks, including one off the left elbow, to give Georgetown a 68-61 lead.

The final score was 69-62.

“The bench really played hard for us and made it a great basketball game,” Brown said.

Brown, the nation’s top player in scoring last season, was the last member of the Terptons squad to leave for the NBA Draft after transferring to Duke.

He averaged 14.3 points and 7.3 rebounds last season for the Tar Heels.

“Our guys are great,” Calhoun added.

The Big East is looking for its third No. 1 seed since the conference started in 1982.

The tournament was the biggest draw of the weekend, drawing more than 50,000 fans for two nights at the Georgia Dome.

The top two seeds advance to the championship game of a first-round series.

Maryland has won eight of nine games in the series.

The Jayhawks have won five straight at the Capital One Arena and have won three straight overall.

The other top seed in the tournament, Kentucky, lost its second straight to No. 10 Notre Dame.

How to buy the best NBA players on FanDuel

In a rare move, ESPN is letting NBA players compete for cash at a new, higher rate than it has ever done’s fantasy basketball experts have started posting on Fan Duel, the company’s daily sports trading app, a new feature that allows users to buy individual player picks from the company, along with the draft picks that go with them.

Players can now make $1,000 bets on players, with $100 for each spot.

It’s the first time in ESPN’s history that NBA players can compete for $1 million on Fan, which is owned by CBS Sports and will debut later this month.

The idea is that players are taking a big risk on the money that they get on Fan.

ESPN’s Kevin Pelton wrote on Twitter that ESPN is offering players a “significant risk” on the $1.3 million they get from FanDelt, which he estimates could earn a player $100,000 per year.

For the uninitiated, FanDel has a simple, straightforward platform that allows players to place money in order to compete in the NBA.

That’s it.

The company does not allow anyone to earn money in the platform.

But ESPN has built a relationship with, which allows the company to allow and other streaming services to stream a player’s games.

The new FanDEL features are similar to those available for ESPN.

ESPN also announced this week that it will stream some NBA games this season, including some of the games of the Golden State Warriors, with ESPN 2, ESPN 3 and ESPN 4.ESPN’s move is not only a way to make money on Fan but to also show players that there’s more than one way to do things in the industry. has been streaming NBA games, as well as some games of other teams, since 2015.

This is the first season that ESPN has been offering its NBA streaming platform.

What’s wrong with a ‘Bachelor of Fine Arts’?

When asked why the Bachelor of Fine Art degree was so important, Tina Mae Baillie said: “I thought I was going to go to university, but I’ve got to get a degree to make money.”

She was speaking in a Brisbane restaurant last week, and her comments sparked a discussion about the value of an education and how a degree in the arts can help your career.

Bachelor of Arts from Australian University of Technology, Sydney (B.A.F.A.)

A Bachelor of Music and Dramatic Arts (BMEA) is required for all new graduates of Australian universities.

It’s also considered a qualification to work as a music or dance instructor.

The Bachelor of Science in the Arts (BSAA) is a bachelor’s degree in creative arts or an alternative academic subject.

It is a secondary level and is only required for those working in the field.

A Bachelor in Music and Drama (BOMD) is also required for graduates who are interested in performing or performing arts.

Bachelor in Film and Television Production (BFTP) is an Australian equivalent to the BA.

It teaches students the production of feature films and television.

Bachelor Education (BED) is the first of two bachelor degrees in arts.

It prepares students for careers in the media.

Bachelor Degree in Film Studies (BDS) is recommended for those who want to pursue an academic degree in film studies.

Bachelor degree in Film (BFR) is one of the highest-rated degrees in the discipline, and is considered a high-value option for those with a strong interest in film and/or video.

Bachelor In Film (BIF) is usually the last option, as it can be an extremely rewarding option for students who want a high degree.

Bachelor’s degree is one option for graduates to pursue after graduating from university, with a Bachelor of Finance or Finance (BSF) or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at the university level.

A Master of Arts (MBA) is another option for highly-qualified people to pursue.

Bachelor and Masters degrees are also considered to be valuable, with the degree also considered as a secondary option for people who want careers in a range of disciplines.

Bachelors and Masters degree are generally required for people with a degree or higher, and can be taken by those with the right qualifications.

Bachelor degrees in film production have a very specific focus, as they focus on film, television, animation, stage and television production.

They offer a combination of practical experience and hands-on study.

For those working towards a Bachelours degree in a specific field, there are specific requirements that must be met in order to earn their degree.

There are specific degrees for the production and marketing of films and TV series, as well as for audiovisual work, and there are requirements for teaching a film course.

For more information on the Bachelor in the Film, Music and/ORa Arts, visit Bachelor of Film Studies website Bachelor in Arts: Bachelor of Applied Arts, Film, and Theatre Production, is the Bachelor’s (BFA) final degree.

It focuses on a range, from the production to the production, and for those interested in the industry, there is also a Bachelor in Art in Fine Arts.

Bachelor, BFA and Bachelor of Art in the Fine Arts (BAFA) are also available.

Bachelor with Arts (BEA) and Bachelor in Applied Arts (AA) are available as options for graduates.

Bachelor has a very strict focus, and a Bachelor degree may be the only option to pursue, with no more than one year to complete.

Bachelor Arts is a degree which has a strong emphasis on a specific discipline or area of study.

It may also be a combination (BA, BAFA, BA) or in a combination with another degree.

The course may be a mix of film studies and acting, theatre, dance, theatre design, acting in film, acting on stage, or in-house or studio work.

There is also an option for a Bachelor, Master, B.

A, and BFA.

Bachelor programs vary from institution to institution and from year to year.

Bachelor Programs can also include a Bachelor and Arts program, as students may work on both the production side and in the production area.

Bachelor Program (BPM) is generally an option, but students can work independently on a Bachelor program.

Bachelor program can also be in a variety of disciplines, with students focusing on a variety, from film production to visual art, writing, theatre and other creative fields.

Bachelor programme can be in different disciplines.

Bachelor Bachelor in Theatre is one in which students work in the theatre.

Bachelor on Stage is another in which student work in theatre.

As with all Bachelor programs, there may be options for students with other degree options, such as a BFA or BA.

The Arts and Design (AD) program is another major degree option for graduate students, with major emphasis on the production arts.

Arts & Design (ADA)

How to Make a New Google Calendar App for Your School

Posted by IGN on June 17, 2018 08:12:24Google’s new calendar app is looking a lot more like an iPhone app now that the company has confirmed that it will be launching it in the United States.

Google says the app will have a calendar of up to 1.8 million events from more than 50 million people, though the company hasn’t said when it will launch in the rest of the world.

In addition to that, the app supports Google Now integration and is compatible with Android smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Google has also made the app available for pre-order at its retail stores in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The Google Calendar app was previously only available in the US and Canada.

However, the US-only version of the app is only available at Google Play stores, and it’s not available for other countries.

We’ve reached out to Google for further details about the availability of the US version.

The app has been a long time coming, and Google has been making changes and improvements to it since it was announced back in January.

The app’s first update came with a few more features like the ability to share events directly with your friends and add notes, which Google calls “a first for calendars.”

However, in May, Google revealed that the app would not be supported in the new calendar system.

This means that even if you want to create your own calendar, you’re out of luck, and you can only use it for one of two things:to add to the Google Calendar orto add events directly to your Google Calendar.

This is likely a result of the fact that the Google calendar is designed to be shared with a third party, and not to be the primary location of your Google calendar.

Google’s decision to only support the US calendar was a bit surprising, since the company previously said that it would support the UK, Australia, and Canada too.

It’s also worth noting that Google didn’t announce the US availability of its new calendar until July 11, and only when asked by IGN.

We’re excited to bring you the new Google Calendar for all of our schools, friends, and family in 2018!

Google is always working to make our schools and communities more awesome.

Get the latest updates here.

If you’ve got an Android device, Google has made the new app compatible with a wide variety of devices.

In fact, you can install the app from the Play Store, the Google Home app, and other apps for Android phones.

The Google Calendar is available for purchase in Australia at a $1.99 price tag, while in New Zealand the app costs $3.99.

NCAA Basketball Rules & Regulations: 2016-17 season

The NCAA Basketball rules and regulations for the 2016-2017 season are now available to download.

This is the first season of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and the 2016–17 season marks the 10th year since the inception of the College Basketball Invitational Tournament.

This year’s rules have not changed, as the College Football Invitational will not be held in 2018, and will not feature a second round (and therefore, a second bowl game).

However, there are a few important changes that the NCAA has made.

Here are the changes that will affect how we view and apply these rules during the 2016 NCAA Basketball Season: All Teams must play in a Final Four to qualify for the Tournament.

Teams are only allowed to make one bowl game appearance, regardless of how many teams they play.

If a team makes the College Cup Final, that team is allowed to play the other four teams in the tournament, and if the other teams are not invited to a final, they must play the two teams that have been eliminated from the tournament.

Teams must make the College Championship and the Final Four.

The top two seeds from each conference must meet in the semifinals.

In the tournament’s four final rounds, teams are seeded based on their conference record.

The winner of the conference championship game is seeded one spot higher than the runner-up.

A team is eliminated if it is the worst of the four teams eliminated, regardless how many wins the team had.

For the second year in a row, the No. 1 seed is guaranteed a No. 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

The No. 6 seed is not guaranteed a berth.

The final Four of the championship game will be played in Atlanta, Georgia.

The NCAA Tournament’s Final Four will not begin until June 10, 2020.

The first-place team from each Conference Tournament will earn a spot in the College Championships.

The semifinals of the Big East Championship will be held at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

A new tournament format is being implemented for the 2020-21 season, with teams playing three consecutive nonconference games and two consecutive conference games.

The two teams with the best records in the Conference Tournament can play in the first-ever College Championship.

If the conference tournament bracket includes a No, 2 or 3 seed, the game is determined by a best-of-five series.

The tournament will not use the 12-team field for the first time since the 1960-61 season.

The league championship will not take place until the 2020 season.

This format will be similar to that used in the Big Ten Conference Tournament, but with two additional games.

For example, the Big 12 Conference Tournament and the Big 10 Conference Tournament are scheduled to be played twice each season, beginning in 2020-22.

All Conference Tournaments will be double-elimination.

The Big 12 Tournament will be the final Big 12 tournament.

The other three conferences will be a No-frills four-team tournament, with the top four seeds playing the remaining four teams of the regular season, plus a No.-1 seed, in the No-Challenge bracket.

The ACC will host the first conference tournament.

All ACC Tournaments are played in person.

The Atlantic Coast Conference and the Colonial Athletic Association will host two ACC Tournament games.

NCAA Basketball Tournaments The following rules are now applicable to NCAA Basketball: All teams must play a final four.

The teams that reach the Final 4 will be seeded based upon their conference records.

If teams make the NCAA Championship, that player is guaranteed the No 2 seed and the No 3 seed.

The conference championship will be decided by a Best of Five series.

If no No. 3 seed makes the NCAA Final Four, it will be determined by the winner of a No-, No- or No-challenge bracket in which the No.-2 seed and No. 4 seed play for the No .

2 seed, and No-2 and No .

4 seeds play for a No .

3 seed and a No -1 seed.

If there is a tie for No.1 and No 2 seeds in a No , No- and No -challenge tournament, the tournament will be declared a tie.

In an automatic conference championship, the team that advances from the Final four is seeded the closest of the two seeded teams in that conference, regardless if that player has made the NCAA Sweet 16 or Elite Eight.

For a nonconference tournament, if two teams finish with identical record, the conference winner will be awarded the No 1 seed and seeded one place higher than any of the other two seeded team.

In addition, if a conference tournament has two No-ranked teams, the second-ranked team in the conference will play the No -ranked team from the other conference.

For more information, visit

If two teams are tied for the Conference title, they are awarded the conference champion in their respective conference.

If three teams finish tied,

Online mba: Stern mbAUBurn: Sten MBA

AUBURN — Stern MBA, the Auburn-based online recruiting agency that has made a name for itself with the likes of former Auburn and Mississippi State stars Justin Thomas and Jerod Evans, is offering a job offer to a former Mississippi State star.

Auburn athletic director Joe Alsop said in a statement that Stern would be hiring a new assistant coach, who will join the Bulldogs from 2019-20.

Alsopti said Stern will retain its former staff, which includes former Auburn assistant coach Matt Moore.

The news of Stern’s hiring came as the Tigers prepare for the 2019 season.AUBURN TEXAS A&M is the latest top-ranked program to announce it is making a hiring for a head coach.

A&M head coach Todd Monken is set to become the new head coach of the Aggies.

LSU is also looking to fill its vacancy, according to a source.

In addition to recruiting and coaching, Stern has been the biggest player in the industry since joining the agency in 2012.

The agency has a number of players on its staff, including former Auburn running back Travin Howard, who signed a five-year deal with Stern in December.

The company also offers a contract to current Auburn players.

Alsatian running back Derrick Jones signed a three-year contract with Sten last month.

Jones, a former three-star recruit who is now in the NFL, is a key part of Auburn’s offense.

He has 1,838 rushing yards and six touchdowns through six games.

He has been a major factor in the Tigers offense, rushing for 2,097 yards and eight touchdowns through four games.

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